• Pippin gave up dog food completely a few weeks ago. Kibble, canned, etc– it is just disgusting to him. I have been making the pitcairn's renal failure diet for him, and I can share that recipe if anyone wants it, but also found today that he WILL eat freezedried diet by Prairie and will also eat the frozen medallions by Nature's Variety, which is very helpful because I occasionally run out of the homemade and this stuff will do in a pinch.

    I thought maybe others would liek to share what they feed a finicky dog, brands, types, recipes they have tried?

    At first, when he had his recent downturn, he would eat ONLY pizza and only if I shredded it and hand fed him. Not the healthiest choice and probably not very good for his little kidneys but he was at 19 pounds and I was desperate to get food into him. Since I started the homemmade diet and we tweaked his medicines, he has regained six pounds. So, has anyone else got ideas for the finiscky dogs among us?

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