Help, Does anyone have experience with advanced Hemangiocarcoma?

Our 'nannydog', the firm but loving den mother to a parade of homeless & frightened basenjis & sibes, has advanced tumours on her spleen and liver–possibly elsewhere. The vet was kind but blunt: this can't be fixed. I'm not into prolonging Ki's misery to hold onto her a few weeks or months more.

My question, if anyone's dealt with this aggressive type of tumor, is what to expect? The vet says the tumour could ruptue at any time and she could simply bleed out: grow weak, lose conciousness and pass quietly and painlessly. Or NOT.

My husband is currently out of town training for an overseas tour and won't be back for 2 weeks. She adores him and each time he leaves, he promises he'll come back for her. And she sleeps by the window, waiting for his truck the whole time he's gone.

I don't know what to do. I don't want her to suffer, but I want her favorite human with her when the vet helps her cross the bridge. And this close to a tour, I have to think about my husband's feelings. I've tried to contact him, but they'll only put me through if it's an 'emergency' and apparently dogs don't count as 'family'!

Any thoughts/advice?

I am so sorry to read this news. I have no experience with hemangio, but I did stumble upon Phoenix Tears while doing research on kidney failure. No idea if it will help, or if it's even legal where you live, but it may be worth looking into. (just google Phoenix Tears. I didn't spend too much time there as it didn't seem to be what I was looking for.) otherwise, do you have any holistic vets nearby?

I knew someone who had a dog with the same issue. They stabilized her, then chose the right day to help her onward, and made it very special for her. Favourite foods, favourite toys and activities, and a vet who came to their home when it was time. Is she in any distress now? If not, hopefully you can manage to wait until your husband returns. If she isn't suffering, I would try, and just monitor her closely in the meantime, if I was in your position.

Sadly I have experience with the liver/spleen version. Often the dogs simply bleed out internally, not really painful due to a clotting issue many have with the hemangiosarcoma. A tumor ruptures and doesn't seal off. My dog had several small bleeds (she would get quiet, lie down, pant, but after a while be okay) and lived 3 mos from dx before she got very weak and I had her put down.

IF your dog is having mini bleeds, my most compassionate advice is that if you decide to put down, make them give gas or IM meds to knock out first. Often the blood loss makes it hard to find a vein for the euthanizing med and having the dog totally under first will make it easier on everyone. After many attempts I insisted on an injection into the liver. (New vet in office, traumatized her–- the vet tech and I were the calm ones -- my vet out having baby and older vet in hospital with cancer.) My heart goes out to you.

Thank you all for your replies. Ki passed quietly yesterday with the help of a kind vet. Her daddy flew home to be with her, and her final hours were spent riding shotgun in his pick up truck after a joyful reunion. We're both crushed, but happy she's no longer suffering. The house is much too quiet without her and for once I wish her basenji brothers made more noise.

Thanks again…

I was heartbroken to read this and think that your husband couldn't be reached or be there for either of you. I am happy as can be that through whatever means or miracle he could be there and you could both give her a great last day- together. I didn't know what to say because if it were me, I would be devastated to make the promise to come home and she passed without me knowing or being there…yet I would also be devastated and a nervous wreck to take the chance something could go wrong causing her pain because I wanted to keep her for awhile longer. Truly, as sad and awful as this is..I am thankful you got to do the best thing for everyone involved. I hope that both you and your husband can find peace in that, and take comfort in the dogs you still have. My thoughts are with your family- I will hug Oakley extra tight tonight.

I'm happy and sad to read this. So glad your husband was able to be there to say goodbye, and that you were able to give her a special day. Sad that she is gone and I know how much you will miss her.

I'm so glad you were all together. Thinking of you…

I am so sorry for the loss but like the others, glad he was able to be there. ((hugs)))

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