• Hi,

    I have a female 6 month old basenji and I love her LOTS - but I can not seem to get her to stop going potty in her kennel and pooping in the house. *

    Can you give me any tips? She is only in her kennel at most 4 hours and still goes potty. *some times only in 2 hours. *I have had her at the vet and they said she has not health issues. I think she just thinks "well if I go potty they will let me out" *it concerns me cuz she is lying in it to? *HELP please

  • Do you take her out just before crating her? Walk her first to let her poop and pee. That's what I do.

  • It's nice to see another Basenji owner from MN, welcome.

    Few things to take into consideration….

    -Make sure you have properly cleaned up all messes, which means using a cleaning solution that will break down the scent (enzyme formulas and such). Dogs have impressive senses of smell.

    -Try creating a routine when you take her out. Be consistent and praise when she does go potty outside. She will catch on if you're consistent.

    -As long as she did check out ok health wise, maybe limit her water intake before she is back in her kennel. If it's just for 4 hrs that should be ok.

    How does she do overnight?

  • Hi and thanks for your tips. Yes I do take her out before kenneling and I clean up the mess good but my son does not. He is the one home more then I am. She does just fine at night.

    I have more question I hope you guys can help, I am starting to think it was a bad Idea for me to get her. She needs more then I Thought and my son is not helping as I thought he would.

    If she is going in her kennel alot will she also do this?

    How do I get her to stop eating the Cat Poop?

    What do I do about her getting crazy and stealing our food when we eat dinner. I do not want to kennel her at dinner time since she is in there WAY to much during the day - but she can't take no for an answer. Silly dog.

    Also, I work 3 jobs so she is in her kennel alot more now - My son let's her out every 2 to 4 hours but is still in there ALOT. How bad is this for her. Do you think I should maybe find her a new home. I Love her and she is a great dog, but I feel she is not getting all the training, exercie etc.. she needs and devervse?

  • She is sooooooo cute!

  • Thanks - I know and she is SOOOOOO funny when she wants to play.

  • She is very cute but she is going to be a lot of work.
    Sounds like your very busy and your son isn't helping like you thought.
    BRAT does a wonderful job of rehoming b's.
    But if you got her from a legit breeder, you should contact them first and tell them
    about your issues.
    Good luck.
    Let us know how it goes.

  • Having a puppy is lots of hard work and I know when I talk to people about getting a puppy, I always tell them that if they are going to rely on the children to care for the pup then I will not place one with them. It must be the adults responsibility, IMO… and the adult needs to be home to make sure that the pup is being cared for.... Obviously if you work, you will be gone during that time, but this sounds to me like you are working way to much to be able to care properly for the pup. And it sounds like the pup is in the crate way to much and needs play time and excerise time... Maybe this was not the right time to get a pup...

    If you got her from a responsible breeder, they should take her back (as per most of our contracts). If not, as Sharron suggested, please contact BRAT

    By the way, unless you find a place that is secure to put the litterbox where she can't get to it.. you will never stop her from eating it... remember cat poop is undigested food... and all dogs will go for it to eat

  • OKay - I talked with the breeder and she said she will take her and give her to someone who can care for her better and I think that is what I should and will do. AGH thanks

  • Thank you for doing the right thing for your puppy.
    I bet your home will be much calmer once she is back with the breeder.

  • On the site of New Here we went over this thing about the breeder and taking the pup back. Also talked about breeder and tests.

    Rita Jean

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