• We recently adopted Jasper and are not %100 what he is but we have some ideas! (All suggestions are welcome) He is a great addition to our home, a little aggressive though, but we are working on it. 🙂


  • How big is he? (weight and age)

    It's hard to know for sure; the basenji part of him is pretty strong 🙂 I do see a bit of pit in the tail or nose, but that's just me and probably isn't accurate. Very cute either way, what a heart melter. Actually, what I really see in him is bull terrier.

    Just curious what "aggressive" means?

  • I would lean closer to bully mix than basenji mix on this handsome guy. A lot of bully-breed mixes get incorrectly labeled as basenji mix when they are red, have prick ears and have the correct white markings ;).

  • I agree CrazySenji

  • He is Aggressive around Male dogs and growls when around them. The reason I believe he is basenji is because he cannot bark but yodels, he also sits like a cat by the window (Saw this in a basenji video). I will get the DNA test done soon as well. He is 38 pounds which I know is much larger than a basenji. I also think he looks a lot like a Portuguese podengo (short hair, grande)(http://www.omnidoginfo.com/Portuguese_Podengo.asp). Here are some more pictures below! Thanks for your input 🙂


  • First Basenji's

    Hi, in these pics he sure does look Basenji, and your podengo guess is good too. But those eyes!!! cutie. If you want some good info for reactivity with other dogs, look into Patricia McConnell's books and or DVDs. http://www.patriciamcconnell.com/store/dog-behavior-problem-solving/

  • Same sex aggression is so common in Basenjis I would almost consider it a trait. Yodelling is definitely a Basenji giveaway. And he sure does look Basenji in that last set of photos! I will be interested in knowing the DNA results. 🙂

  • Same sex aggression is common in many breeds, not just Basenjis…. But the last set of pictures seems he would be a B Mix

  • Yes I agree. The most recent set of pictures look MUCH more B like than the first set. He's quite handsome!

    Same sex aggression can happen in any breed/mix. Most rescues will even recommend getting dogs of different genders for that very reason. However, I have owned 2 males at the same time and a male and a female and the 2 males were better buddies than my current two dogs. They don't all read the books ;).

  • Nice looking mix, the second lot of photo's seem more Basenji like and the body positions as well. He looks like a sweetie. DNA test will be interesting.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Maybe basenji pit bull mix ?? (Reaaal long shot lol)

  • very cute dog, i see a basenji too

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