Couple of training puppy questions…

  • So, I'm a proud new owner of a little 8 weeks old basenji (Nani) finally! I've been looking to adopt for the past 6months+ but wasn't able to find a pure bred (allergies) so I ended up going the puppy route. She is 8 weeks old and I've started training her the next day after she entered the house, which was this past Friday. She's had a few accidents in the house (all pee'ing) but some of that was my fault not taking her in a few hours or so. She does really well with going to the bathroom outside and I reward her with a treat when she pees and another when she poops. She has gotten the sit command and we're pretty close to getting her the down command. There are a couple of things though that are looking to prove a little tough….

    1.) She is a great walker for a puppy, when she decides she wants to walk. When she doesn't want to walk, she pretty much lays down and wont go any where. Today, I took her out for about a 1.5 mile walk in the morning, but when I tried to walk again about 4-5 hours later, she was just not having it. I've tried to give her treats, she'll walk to the treat eat it, walk about 10ft or so, and then lay down. I've tried shaking a bag of treats in front of her but that doesn't get her to go. The only thing I've gotten to work (when she doesn't want to walk) is that I have a training leash and what ends up happening is that she'll put tension on the leash causing shes pulling away, and I'll just stand there and not give her any slack, but then after about 20secs or so, she'll give in and come walk with me. this process will happen about 10 times or more until she "gets it". Whats the best way to always get them to walk?

    2.) My roommate has an older dachshund and she nips at him a lot, she bites his ear, bites his head, leg, and I've even seen her get on to his throat! She always starts playing like that 100% of the time, and 90% of the time, neither dog is making any noise. Most of the time, he (the dachshund) is just trying to walk away like he's annoyed with her. Sometimes I'll hear them making soft "grrrsss" and thats when I'll tell them both to stop which they do but then they're back at it again. And she is the one who will want to start again too. My fear is not being able to leave the two dogs at home alone not in a crate or if I step away from the two for a few moments and the nipping escalates into something very bad. Training with treats is going well, but its not like I can give her a treat when she is bad....haha

    She just seems to have a nipping problem, she loves to try and nip on things(power cords, shoes, couch, etc...) but since I'm working from home right now, I keep her close to me and tell her "No". Then I give her the chew rope for her and she bits on that a few times but then tries to bit the thing shes not supposed to! I know she is still a very very young but what is the best way to teach them NOT to do something.

  • A couple of comments. Keep a close eye on her when she is active and anticipate when she needs to go outside. Vigilance is essential for potty training! Best not to let her get the idea it is O.K. to "go" in the house, and being observant is the best way to prevent that. If you can't watch her, crate her.

    She is pretty young for such a long walk. I would go with more frequent but shorter walks until she is a bit older. Do you take her alone or with the other dog? Keeping up with him might be incentive.

    Puppies chew on things. They also like to nip and grab inappropriate things. Best to redirect to what is "legal" to chew, as you have been doing. Patience is required here. And don't leave her unsupervised until she is older and you have evidence that she won't chew things up when you aren't there. Crate her or restrict her to a "puppy proof" room when you can't watch her.

  • one thing I also struggle with is when she is in the process of biting something she is not supposed to, like the couch, she refuses to stop when I tell her no, I give her the chew toy, she bits at it a little but then goes at the couch again…

  • @k1ng87:

    one thing I also struggle with is when she is in the process of biting something she is not supposed to, like the couch, she refuses to stop when I tell her no, I give her the chew toy, she bits at it a little but then goes at the couch again…

    that's why Bitter Apple (or some variety) is available for purchase. 😉

  • Who did you get your puppy from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis… Who are her sire and dam?

    Her age is way to young for 1.5 miles... frequent short walks as already noted. Accidents in the house are ALWAYS your fault.... not the puppies... way to young to really make that connection. Outside potty time all the time... after sleep, after naps, after and during play, after anything... before anything.. if you think it if you think it is time for them to go out, your too late.
    Biting the Doxie is normal behavior for a puppy... that is how they play with their littermates... that is where they learn bite inhibition (along with their humans)... it is a process that takes a long time... you have to be consistent with your NO Bite correction... over and over... but do not really expect results till after they lose their baby "shark" teeth....

  • @k1ng87:

    she refuses to stop when I tell her no, I give her the chew toy, she bits at it a little but then goes at the couch again…

    They aren't born understanding what "no" means. Say "no", remove her from the object, substitute what you want her to chew, when she (inevitably) goes back to her previous choice, do it again. Patience! She will eventually figure out what you want. Again, if you can't supervise, make sure she is in a safe place where she can't be destructive. Or "wear the dog". Attach her leash and tie it around your waist so she must stay with you. (not terribly convenient to have a puppy underfoot, but doable when you can't supervise and don't want to crate…....useful with an older dog as well. I did this with my boy when we were moving and I had people carrying furniture and boxes out of wide open doors!)

  • First Basenji's

    ok, so there is a special ingredient I have found works 99% of the time (there was only one dog that actually liked the taste!) It is called Alum and can be found in the spice section at the grocery store(McCormick). I was (is) used for canning. It has a VERY tart/dry mouth reaction that repels the area that is being chewed. You make a poultice of the granules and is 100% non-toxic and safe on most any material from electrical cords, wood, carpet, hands, other dogs,etc….. I have used it on all the above mentions areas to repel chewing. It works!!!!

  • i did get some bitter apple…the thing works like a charm! I got her some toys as well and she does so much better now with knowing what to chew and what not to! its like night and day from 2-3 weeks ago....I rarely have to redirect her now...I tell you, these B's are smart!

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