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I need some advice on training Lola. Our first basenji, Booger, is very laid back and exhibits very few of the "basenji" traits such as destructiveness, escapism, etc (of course he overturns the trashcan occasionally…). But he was very easy to train. Armed with a handful of treats we could teach him any basic command within 5-10 minutes (sit, lay down, come, high 5, high 10). He hasn't mastered stay, but he's pretty good with everything else.
I'm having trouble with Lola. She's 6 months old now; anytime I try to teach her anything using the same method, she gets so over excited about the treats she doesn't realize I'm trying to teach her something. She just tries to get the treats from me & grumbles at me when I try to put her in the "sit" position (I just gently push down on her rear end). I've heard clicker training works well. And obviously I only use positive reinforcement, but it just hasn't "clicked" with her yet. Should I give it more time? Take her to a PetSmart class? She is so different from Booger I don't really know how else to train her. Suggestions please.
She is decent at coming when we call her. It might take a few tries because she's still not great at figuring out where you are if you're at the crowded dog park full of humans & tall dogs & you're only 16" tall.

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Yes to Pet Smart. I've taken Duke there from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. They've taught me how to get him to sit with hand signals (with training treats). To get her to sit, let Lola know you've got the treat in hand and put it to her nose, up and back a bit till she naturally sits for it. Don't let her get it until her butt hits the floor. As soon as her butt hits the floor, click and treat her. They taught me the techniques with how to get Duke to do the commands followed with immediate "click-treat". I think one of the first commands was "watch". Soon as he looked me in the eye - click-treat. I've never needed to physically push his rear end down, it's about how you put the treat in hand and where you put your hand as she watches it. Positive reinforcement - is a wonder. I thought Duke was untrainable. He was not quite 7 months old when we went to the Beginner class. Before that … I didn't accomplish much.

I'm laughing through my clenched teeth. Haha. I just jumped up & tried the up & back trick once. She just kept scooting back. After about 30 seconds she decided it wasn't worth the trouble & turned to leave the room. She's so smart/stupid. I love her. Haha.

Clicker training is great. I have found teaching finger targeting makes teaching so many things easier. Place finger to one side of your dog's head at about eye level when your dog touches it click/treat. When dog is reliably touching finger, move the finger and if she touches click/treat. Always deliver the treat in the same place the dog touched your finger. You can then teach sit by raising your finger above their head, the head goes up and usually their butt goes down. Teach down with finger on the ground between their front legs, etc. Also great for just getting your dog to move out of your way by pointing your finger off to the side.

If the treats you are using are too exciting, not usually a problem for mine, try something of a little less value, just regular kibble for in the house and then go from there.

Keep trying, its worth it.
Maybe you need to walk her good before you start…burn off some of that energy!.

HA! We did the up& back method at my petsmart class. Jack is so flexible, he would actually follow the treat back with his head, until his head was almost lying on his back. I think what I finally had to do was push his butt down with one hand, while holding the treat in front of his face with the other. He got really good at it…now, he sits when I snap my fingers, when I say sit, or, my favorite, when I salute him.

Good luck!

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