• This weekend we took the dogs coursing at Sloughhouse for the Sierra Slopes Ibizian Hound club's ASFA trials. All the adults had fun and had some nice runs. I was especially proud of my 12 year old Nicky who ran 4 times this weekend and enjoyed every second of each run. Yesterday, Sophie was 3rd in FCh, and Rio was 4th goin from 1st to last when she wouldn't cross the pond in the finals to chase the lure. Nicky was 2nd in Vets and Rally was 3rd. Today we had 2 less basenjis. Sophie finished 2nd and Rio 3rd again going from first to last but this time because she noticed the cross over in the line and realized she didn't have to run the whole course and just waited for the bags to come to her on her finals run. In Vets, Rally was 1st and Nicky was second. Overall, a nice weekend and some good tired dogs.

    The most fun this weekend though was introducing L'Ox to world of lure coursing. He was so excited to see so many dogs and people. He thoroughly enjoyed meeting whippet puppies and Rhodesian puppies. He thought the "giant basenjis", ie Ibizians, were fascinating. He wasn't sure what to think of the Afghans and all their hair. What he really enjoyed the most was the lure. We teased him with it and let him run a short straight. He had a blast, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91kKCi-lee0 Then he entertained everyone by trying to lick the ears of one of the exhibitors who was laying on down waiting for awards. The crowd was especially entertained when he proudly sat on his chest, tossed his head back and yodeled. Egged on by the crowd he yodeled twice more and pandered to his audience basking in the attention. He is now completely worn out and sleeping fitfully.

  • It sounds and looks like you all had a great time. Love the video - boy was that a fast take-off. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rio sounds like the type of girl to think things out ūüėČ
    Loved the vid of L'Ox, he's realy grown.

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