• This weekend we had a 2 day ASFA trial with a Best in Event/Perpetual Trophy (the Edsel trophy). The very first winner of the Edsel trophy was a basenji, Sherwood's Red Baron, 10 years ago. Robyn Dubbert brought Baron out this weekend to cheer us on. We had a fantastic weekend for basenjis!
    To be eligible for the Edsel trophy, dogs must have run both days and had to have won BOB at least one day. Callie took BOB yesterday, Zip took best of breed today. Callie and Zip both ran for the Edsel trophy, so we had a great basenji representation!
    In a HUGE surprise turn of events (I had already packed up Callie's blankets & slip lead because I knew she hadn't won), Zip & Callie tied and got called back for a basenji best in event run off!!!!!!!
    They almost tied again, but Callie won by a very slim margin (we weren't told the scores, but it must have been a single point), to take the Edsel trophy!!! This is her first best in event! Yay Callie!

  • LOL I knew you couldn't wait until you got home to post. Huge congrats again to a very impressive victory!

    PS Please keep the trophy clean and polished since my Rainie is going to win it next year. 😃

  • Houston

    Wonderful news Carrie…yay Callie and Zip too.

  • Congrats, Carrie.

    P.S. Someone needs to change their location. 😉

  • CONGRATS! Pics I hope.

  • WOW Congrats!

  • Nice weekend, congrats!!!

  • Robyn, believe me, the whole drive back to Nicki's I was trying to telephathically post this update! Haha. I was calling every person I knew. I think my 3rd grade teacher's cousin knows by now.

    Thanks for all of the congrats, everybody.

    Clay, duly noted. I will fix that asa(igp)p (as soon as i get pictures posted :D)

    And without further ado, thanks Nicki for taking pictures!!

    The first picture is Callie and the trophy along with Baron, the first winner of the Edsel trophy back in 1998 (and the only basenji until today!).
    The second picture is a nice stacked shot with Callie and her trophy.
    The third is us along with the judges who stood out in the hot sun watching our dogs run, Todd Birchfield, Karen Catt, and Kirby Overcash.

  • Yay! Congrats! What a great win!! And that trophy… It's huge!!! 😃

  • Brilliant result, congratulations Callie !!!!

  • Great photos, big congrats to you and Callie.

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