Coursing Brag

I am very happy to announce that Kinetic Basenjis has its first homebred ASFA field champion. CH Kinetic's Enchanted Knight JC has added an FCh to the end of his name. Cole finished yesterday at the Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club's ASFA trial going second place to his sister, Rio, Kinetic Sourcery JC. I am so proud of Rally's kids.

YAY! that is awesome! congratulations!

Way to go Cole… and Rio too!!!!! you have every right to be proud!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You should be so proud 😃

Congrats to you Lisa, you've had an active year! Well done!;)

Whoo Hooo!! WTG Cole and Rio!!!

Major Congratulations!!!!!

I'm a little jealous. All Jazzy would do when I took her to watch lure coursing was sleep along side the track. sigh.

HUGE congratulations! Rally's kids are true "all-around hounds"!

Congrats Lisa and Cole!

Now he is a Dual Champion!


Not quite, he still needs 5 more points towards his AKC field championship but will have an opportunity at those in March.

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