• Does anyone on the list course in Canada? I have some whippet friends who want us to come up to Ontario this yr. Thinking about The 3 day trial in Oct.

  • Yes, it's usually at Laurie Soutar's. She is highly involved in racing in Canada. If it's available most of us that do race like to come out. I believe there is one in August, usually in the spring as well. I can probably ask Laurie if you wish what dates she is thinking of for racing.

  • There are events in May, June, Aug and Oct that I know of, may be able to make the June events too if my whippet girl goes in season early and is ready to run by then. Do do more coursing than racing, looking at the CKC Coursing events only at this time as I want to be able to run both the basenjis and whippets.

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