Veteran Brags

We went lure coursing this weekend. Yesterday, I only ran my vets in the trial and Nicky took first place for 8 points. Rio and Sophie ran in a fun run to help a club get their ASFA certification with Rio taking first and Sophie taking third in the Field Champion stake. I was very happy since Rio has been stalking the lure instead of running the whole course.

Today I ran all my dogs in the trial. Rio had another great day completing both courses though taking a time out to pose in a beautiful show stack for the photographer who she noticed for the first time on the field at the end of the second run. Rally won the Veteran class today with two gorgeous runs though Nicky was no slouch either and earned another 6 points giving him the 14 points he needed to complete his Veteran Field Championship. That makes him, DC Sherwood's In The Nick Of Time SC, RN, LCM, VetFCh, JOR pending confirmation from ASFA. I decided I was not going to give Rio another chance to stare at the photographer and blow the great progress we have made toward completing courses so I only ran Rally in BOB against the Open. Rally earned herself BOB!

When I got home, I got confirmation from ASFA that at the February trial we attended Rally earned enough points to earn her Veteran Field Championship so she is now officially, DC Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon MC, LCM, VetFCh, JOR.

Yea… Nicky..... my most favorite Veteran boy... and MY only Vet show boy...ggg

And super for Rally......

I love my vets! They are such great dogs.

I am sure Nicky will be happy to see Pat and get his reward for his new title, he requests chicken!

What a wonderful day you had.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Congrats Lisa! Hugs to the super kids. 🙂

WTG Kinetic Basenjis!!!

Wow congrats! What a great weekend.

WooHoo…congrats Lisa & veterans!!!

I have said this before but I will say it again, we are so lucky in California to have such great photographers come to our events. Here are some pics from this weekend.

8 Year old Rally,

Not a veteran but a great pic of Rally's daughter Sophie.

Unfortunately none of Nicky the new Veteran Field Champion.

Lovely photos…thanks for sharing. What an action dog you have!!!!!!!

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