Region 7 Invitational BIF brag

Liz and I are very proud to announce that Zip won Best In Field this past Saturday at the ASFA Region 7 Invitational. It was a huge Invitational with 120 dogs total. She was 1 of 8 dogs running for BIF and she ran in the last course with a pharoah. I thought that every one of them had a great run and I'm honored that the judges chose to award this to our very own Zip. I will be sure to post pictures of her with all her "loot" later today.

Also, Riley is now FC Sulou's Tri the Good Life SC, FCh. He finished his ASFA FCh this weekend and completed his AKC FC earlier this year.

Wow, that's great!! Big congrats! Can't wait to see the pics 🙂

WOOHOO…. super congrats.... I saw this on another list

Yes, I called Carole Kirk last night and right before we got off the phone she said she couldn't wait to go spread the news on various basenji lists.

Thanks for the congrats 🙂

Congratulations to Zip, looking foward to seeing the pics

Wow what an awesome win! Huge congrats!

And congrats on Riley's Fch too!


Huge congrats for the awesome feat…yeehaaa Zip..

Nice win way to go.

Rita Jean

HUGE congrats on Zip's BIF and Riley's new title!

I feel like you are family because Zip keeps winning my Baron's old trophies.

Big congrats to you both and of course Zip.

Zip after her win (technically the next morning since the trial lasted until after sunset):

That's awesome, congrats!!!

I just saw this, Congrats Nicki and Liz!

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