Big Brag for Diva

Just had to brag about my Little Diva.

Went to a AKC trial this week-end and on Sat. got 3 pts for a second place
Then today,Sun. she got a 4 pt.Major.

She now has 8 pts total with one major.

She might be small (15 inches) but she is mighty.

Diva is Jaroufa's The Glamazon at Etowah.

I'm a proud momma


Her chosen mate,Rocky also got a Pt one Sun.

I really would love to give coursing a try someday 🙂

Congrats and HELLO where are the pictures? 🙂

Congrats to you all

This is an UPDATED BRAG for Diva.

Today, Nov. 9,2013
Diva was BEST IN FIELD for a 5 pt major
at the IWAGS Lure Trial.

Just two more for her Championship.

Love this little spitfire of a dog !


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