• Saylah, FC/UIC-Int/Nat JA Jumoke's Saylah of Baraka SC JOR, owned by Paul Root and Bill Bowlus, and one of our grand dogs, was Best in Field, not once, but two days in a row at the Cascade Coursing Club, AKC All Breed Lure Coursing Test and Trial July 22-23, 2006

    No easy feat for any dog let alone a basenji. Each day had an entry of 45 to 50 dogs with some very good running whippets and rhodesian ridgebacks. Judges were Carlee and Ian Davies, known for their rhodesian ridgebacks worldwide. Hence the strong rhodesian ridgebacks entry, and these are great running dogs.

    Both days, Saylah ended up running against the ridgeback for Best in Field. It was awesome to watch her match the speed and the ability to out corner the ridgeback. The ridgeback could not pull away from her. I gather Ian and Carlee recognized that it was not that the ridgeback was having a poor run, but the basenji was exceptional.

    One might consider this a fluke, Saylah was just having good weekend, but she just earn a Best in Field several weeks earlier at the Inland Gazehound Fanciers ASFA Trial, June 18, 2006

    I wonder how many Best in Fields has one basenji earned in a given year. Three is awesome.

    Look for Saylah at the top in ASFA and AKC Lure Coursing Top Ten Basenjis

    Way to go, Paul and Bill, could not be happier for you.

  • Nothing little about this brag!
    Nice owners and nicely bred basenji.
    Win, win.
    Welcome Bryan

  • Yep, she did it; Saylah is AKC Lure Coursing #1 Basenji in the standings through 6-16-06

    It will be interesting if she can hold the position, there are so many good running dogs this year.

  • Congratulations Saylah! It's always hard for a Basenji to beat those big dogs and the speedburners like the Whippets. Great accomplishment!

    Yodels from the Illusion Crew

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