• I was just informed that our Max, Saylah's brother, was ranked number 11 in the ASFA top 20. This is interesting; due to the fact he has only been competed in two trials. He did place well in the two trials, earning 48 points.

    Here's Max doing his Superman / Superdog impression.

  • Way to go! He's such a handsome boy… 🙂

  • Congrats! That is more than a "little" brag! Great photo too!

  • Way to go, Max!! See, all that energy is there for a reason!

    I love Max; he's beautiful and funny. LOL, one day I joked to Darren, "Don't you think Max and Jazzy would make beautiful puppies?". I think the look I got resembled this, ":eek: " Poor guy. I love doing stuff like that to him.

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