Kobey Brag

On March 12, 2011 Kobey completed his AKC Field Championship with another 5 point major to now be FC Emerant Fopaw TriWizard At Tanza,SC,RN,CGC

We had to wait till AKC posted the results because we were not sure how AKC would score/count a paddock scratch in the second run which made the difference between a 4pt major and a 5pt major…..

Congrats Pat and Kobey! What is a Field Scratch?


Congrats Pat and Kobey! What is a Field Scratch?

Thanks… He is a really good running boy, we really took our time with him to make sure he was focused on the lure and not any of the other dogs.... paid off as at the December trials, he was blind sided by a young dog that thought if I can't catch the lure then I will just cut and jump Kobey. Was not a "attach" jump, more of a play jump from not being focused on the job at hand. Rolled Koby about twice, he just got up, sighted the lure and kept on running...ggg...

Paddock Scratch, dog was lame when it came to the line so could not run

WAY to GOOOOOOOooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congrats to you! wonderful news

Yes, it is nice to get those "surprise" titles!!!!



You must be so very proud of him! Well done!

Congratulations to you and Kobey!

Congratulations! Do you have any coursing pics of him?

Way to go Kobey, Kev and I are so proud of all you have done. I suppose we have to give much credit to those humans in your life like Pat and Anne, hugs to you all and we can't wait to hear more successful lure trial stories.
Therese and Kevin
(Kobey's proud co-breeders)

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