• Nicky was cheering for his nieces at the Pharaoh Hound Fanciers of Northern California and Monterey Bay Coursing Association's ASFA trials this weekend. Nicky is still recovering from his cancer surgery earlier this month but his nieces did him proud. The entry was small, 1 Open, 3 Field Champions, and 1 Veteran.

    On Saturday, Rio was second to her sister Sophie in the Field Champion stake and Rally was first in Vets. Sophie and Rally ran off for BOB against MBIF Zuri's Trii Me the Open Stake winner. It was an interesting course and each of the girls had different moments where they stood out. In the end it was Sophie for BOB.

    Today, Rio started the day looking really good and I thought she might beat her sister but on the second course she noticed some kids playing catch near the far back stop and took a moment to watch while her sister ran the middle half of the course and then she decided to catch up to her sister and finish the course, silly girl. She did still manage second place in Field Champions with her sister in first. Rally, Sophie, and Trii Me ran off again for BOB today and again each had good moments but today the Vet really shined and Rally was BOB!

    Vets can outrun those young'uns most the time..
    the rest they just let the kids look good so they can save face :p

  • Congrats!

    I love it when they are all pretty even and you get the great back and forth between them. Where one will take the lead for a while and then another will take over and they just keep going back and forth so that it is nearly impossible to pick a winner. It definitely makes it exciting to watch.

    But poor Nicky I am sure he wanted to be out there pretty badly, hopefully after he is healed he will have lots more opportunities to chase the bunnies.

  • Let's hear it for the veteran! I love dogs who still have what it takes to defeat the youngsters. 🙂

  • Thanks, I am very proud of Rally and what a consistent courser she is.

    Nicky is recovering well and I am hoping his seroma will be fully reabsorbed by Memorial Day weekend so doesn't have to sit out the racing that weekend. Even if he only practices he is happier when he participates. Though he didn't mind this weekend too much, he got lots of attention from the people there which he enjoyed.

  • Congrats Lisa, sounds like a lovely weekend! Go Rally go!

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