• Hi
    We just adopted a 7 month old Male basenji who we were told likes the crate but not the door closed. We have a 2 1/2 year old very happy crate girl and would like to work on his issues with the crate.
    Any tips? when we did this before our girl was so small she didn't complain too much. For now he tolerates the door closed while he eats but when he's done he has tantrums. We ask him to sit, which he does and wait till he is calm before letting him out.
    I just don't want to cause undue stress since he is new to our house and it is very different from his previous environment.
    Any tips would truly help!

  • This is a good brochure on crate training by Dr Sophia Yin, http://www.askdryin.com/movies/CrateDogLR.pdf

  • Thanks, I printed it out and will start to work on it!

  • How much time does the b spend in the crate?

  • Right now he tolerates eating in the crate and about 5 more minutes. I am using the info
    from Ivoss and adding more time each day with treats. he sits and whines a bit, but no more pawing at the door and spinning. He can do up to 15 minutes. He is going in on his own to look for treats too. Hopefully in another week I can get an hour. Then I can make it out to eat once in awhile!

  • Oh yeah and his name is Ringo….

  • Welcome Bella, Ringo, and Raquel. Glad to hear things are improving for you. Ivoss always has great info!! Best wishes for continued success!!

  • @BellaJane:

    Oh yeah and his name is Ringo….

    Where did you get Ringo?

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