• Is there a simplified type of lure course that we can tryout with our boys? They seem to really love chasing low fast things. We have a lot of property to work with. I just did not know if there is a course that can be set up without motors, etc.

  • I was told to get a fishing pole and attach a white bag to the line and drag it along the yard, Basenjis will chase it, and occasionally let them catch it. Also I understand that playing fetch also helps to get them interested in going after something. We tried Lure Coursing for the first time last month, my Basenji is 1 yr. 5 mos. and she really liked it. She did really good for the first time, she had fun watching the other dogs as well, plus it is good for socializing, adults as well as dogs. Sahara loves to play fetch so it makes me think it helped.

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