• So i've been looking for a Basenji locally but have failed to find one so recently I've started to look online. I found a breeder out in texas but I wanted to know how do I know if the basenji is an actual pure bred. I'm not going to put the dog in shows nor breed it but my main concern is that if she isn't pure bred, she could affect my allergies. The breeder send me some certificates for the dam and sire. The dam certificate is from AKC and the sire certificate is from ACA. She also send me a copy of a contract that I would have to sign claiming that there are no genetic issues and that if there are any genetic issues with the dog, she would replace him/her, and need to take it to a vet within 24hrs of me getting her. She also sent me a CKC application form for the puppy as well. I guess i'm confused on why the mother and father a registered to different kennel clubs and the the puppy application is from CKC…..


  • There are plenty of good breeders on the East Coast. Visit www.basenji.org and then the link at the top "Find a Breeder"….

    CKC is a joke, it is not a real registery... this is a back yard breeder period and I would run away as fast as you can... Responsible breeders only breed AKC registered Basenjis... and also will point you to www.offa.org to see health testing. Basenjis should be DNA tested at the very least for Fanconi and PRA….

  • if I'm not going to show the dog or breed it, does it really matter which kennel they are registered to as long as it is a pure bred. Just asking because i've heard mixed opinions….

  • It doesn't matter if you want to show or breed, these people that are not breeding AKC registered dogs are not responsible breeders. So it does matter… and especially as far as health testing. You want a healthy, well socialized puppy that is conformation correct...

  • @k1ng87:

    I'm not going to put the dog in shows nor breed it but my main concern is that if she isn't pure bred, she could affect my allergies.

    Basenjis are not hypoallergenic, so even a purebred could give you problems.

    I am not sure what "CKC" signifies in the United States, but it is a short form for the Canadian Kennel Club, which is hardly a "joke".

  • In the US (which many Back Yard Breeders use) it is the Continental Kennel Club (I should have made note not to confuse with Canadian Kennel Club) And it is a joke, go check it out on the internet, anyone can register a dog, no proof needed to register as a purebred. This was started when the AKC required DNA testing on frequent used sires/dams and the BYB/Puppymillers didn't want to pay it.

    And correct Basenjis shed and have dander… just not as much as other dogs that don't shed (poodles for example) and while not as much as other dogs, it can be an issue for people with allergies.

    And ACA (American Canine Association) is another Puppy Mill registry

  • Tanza is correct. I worked at a pet store for a very short period of time and most the the BYB/Mill puppies they sold were ACA or CKC (not Canadian) registered. I could be wrong, but I think both parents have to be AKC (unless they are foundation stock and even then they need to be registered) registered and since the sire isn't the puppies can't be.

    Things to look for are: AKC breeder of Merit, Health testing (make sure to look them up on OFA to confirm!) and a member of the BCOA.
    There is a lot more to consider but that's where I'd start 🙂

    Also, a lot of puppies in a litter bred by a show breeder end up in pet homes. Don't shy away from show breeders just because you don't intend to show/breed. Not every dog has what it takes to be a show dog!

  • CrazySenji, even the new imported stock needs to be AKC registered. While the pedigree on these dogs/bitches will say "unknown"/"unknown" they still have an AKC number and any offspring from another AKC registered Basenji will be AKC registered.

    I am a show breeder (mostly for myself, because I do show) but rarely do I get show homes. Out of my last litter 5 when to perfect companion homes. One to a show home.

  • That's what I figured. I've seen 100% Africans shown in the classes so figured they must be registered somehow. BYB/Mill ACA/CKC puppies.. no.

    My dog Elliot is from a litter of 8 and only 3 are being shown. Someday I hope to do what Tanza does and breed for myself to show and know that most the pups will go to pet homes. (Many years down the road when I learn everything I need to know!) Even the best show dogs will not produce 100% "show quality" pups 100% of the time. 🙂

  • My Oakley sheds something awful…and his short,prickly hairs make me itchy. Don't trust anyone that tells you they don't shed or produce dander

  • @k1ng87:

    if I'm not going to show the dog or breed it, does it really matter which kennel they are registered to as long as it is a pure bred. Just asking because i've heard mixed opinions….

    It absolutely matters!

    1. AKC breeders who are responsible back up their breeding with generations of health testing. This is important because
    a) you have a much better chance of getting a HEALTHY dog
    b) you are not helping an irresponsible breeder keep creating dogs with health problems

    2. Purebred means little if the dogs are not well bred and health tested. Puppymills/byb have purebreds.

    3. CKC is often for people kicked out of the AKC, or people who have breeding practices that they know AKC won't allow (such as DNA testing requirements for multiple breedings as many of the scum will put the NAME of their one decent pedigree as the stud on every dog, put geriatric bitches as dams etc). CKC also is used by people who buy a puppy at puppymill auctions or get a dog from a breeder under SPAY/NEUTER requirements then use CKC to breed dogs that should not be bred.

    So yes, it matters greatly– for you, for the dog you get, and enormously in not putting money in the pockets of irresponsible breeders who don't care what kind of suffering they inflict on poorly bred dogs and the people who get and love them.

  • @k1ng87:

    she could affect my allergies

    Our breeder had us visit and sit with her dogs to see how they affected my allergies. It seems like the best way to ensure that your sensitivities are not affected by the Basenjis you're looking at. I know this is not scientific, but it worked for us, and seems like a good practical step.

    Also, our breeder, being responsible, wanted to ensure that she was placing her dog with a family where the allergy problem would not disrupt the transition to the new home.

  • @k1ng87:

    I'm not going to put the dog in shows nor breed it but my main concern is that if she isn't pure bred, she could affect my allergies.

    As has been said, no dog breed is hypoallergenic. None, nada, zip. Dogs that shed less deposit less material to react to, but that isn't hypoallergenic. And if you are allergic to dogs in general, you could get a dog, not have an issue at first then it get worse. If that happens, will you get rid of the dog or take allergy meds… it is a serious consideration. You can help issues by wiping the dog down every single day, groom to remove loose hair and keep dander down. But if you expect any dog to be hypoallergenic, it won't happen. here is a good article from Mayo Clinic:


  • "Hypo" means LESS, not NON.
    I don't think that there is much in this world that is non allergenic, least of all dogs.

  • Just as a quick aside, if you're still looking for a local breeder, check out Marjani Basenji in Purcellville. Julie (the breeder) should only be about 40 min away from you if you're in Fairfax. She was great with us. I was also worried about my allergies, so she had us come spend an hour with one of her house dogs to make sure I didn't have a reaction. She's fully AKC, etc. Our Loki does shed a tiny bit, but it doesn't affect me at all. Everyone's allergy tolerances are different. Let me know if you want more info about Marjani!

  • Just wanted to give an update on my experience and hope that it helps others in the future. So I did get the puppy and have had her now for about 6-7 weeks. She is doing AWESOME! Shes completely healthy, and at 14-15 weeks, is incredibly obedient. For instance, I take her to the dog park, and she recalls every time I say "Nani come." There are also some agility obstacles in the park which I'm starting to train her on and she does really well with simple things like walking up, down, sitting, staying, gonig through the tunnels, etc…

    When I give her her food, I make her sit, stay, and give me a fist bump before she can eat, and I'll switch the order up every time. I then say "now you can have it" and then she eats. Its to the point now, where she is in the kitchen, and I'll go to my room, come back in 2-3min, and she is still sitting by the food and hasn't even touched it yet until I give the command.

    She is doing fantastic! Fantastic with other dogs, fantastic with kids, adults, everything. She doesn't have a tendency anymore either now to chew on things she's not supposed to and when she does get the urge, she looks for her toys.

    Not sure if this is just because the breed itself is very intelligent, or the breeder, or a mix of both but I couldn't have asked for a better puppy, especially the way she is now at the age of 14-15 weeks. My allergies also do very well around her whcih is HUGE!

    Not sure if I just got lucky or what, but she is great a puppy for how obedient she is already, her compassion, and her behavior. Just simply amazing 🙂

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