Basenji breeder from the past

  • Yesterday we went to a fun dog show and bumped into a lady who had two Basenjis in the past. She got the girl from a very well known breeder in the 50's but couldn't remember the name.
    She mentioned the kennel name Riverdell or Riverdene, she showed her dog whose show name was little Brown Jug. Eventualy Little Brown jug went to live in the Isle of White.

  • That was probably one of Phyllis Cook's of the Riviana Basenjis I would think.

  • Little Brown Jug was bred by Phyllis Cook and was indeed a Riviana. Did she say the name of the bitch, Shelley? Possibly another Riviana.

  • Jenny and Helena, thanks for your replies.
    It's always interesting talking to basenji people. The lady didn't mention the name of the bitch. She did say that Little Brown Jug went to live with someone on the Isle of White.
    She also said that she's never heard a Basenji yodel, unfortunately Kwame wouldn't perform for her.

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