My new brindle bundle of joy…

  • … arrived this week and has been on the go ever since. No name yet, and it's proving to be quite a challenge. I had the boy name all picked out (even monogrammed on a bed!), but at the last minute, the little red boy became a brindle girl so... on to Plan B. Her coat is yummy swirls of chocolate and caramel, with dollops of marshmallow. Maybe I should call her my little GooGoo Cluster. 🙂

    The weather was nice today, so I got a few photos. They're not the best, because she won't stay still for a second!

  • Awww adorable!! She looks like a 'Shiraz' to me….

  • She is adorable! Love the marking on her back. I'm sure you will think of an appropriate name. Sometimes the pup does something to name itself. 🙂

  • I am so happy, I've been hoping the time would be right for quite some time now. So happy for you and she is beautiful! I hope this next chapter is a good one for you. If it helps I always wanted to name a brindle girl Aspen….it's pretty, but powerful. Perhaps you can take the boy name you picked and put a girl spin on it? Keep the pics and posts coming

  • What a lovely puppy! To me, she shouts 'Marble'….

  • You got the little brindle girl! She is such a cutie. I love brindles, the next B we get will definitely be a brindle. I didn't have a name for Kaia (we thought boy as well) until she got here and even then considered changing it 🙂

    Ironically, our friends who picked the puppies up loved your girl when they met her and actually told Tad that if for some reason he needed a back up they would take her in an instant. I am so glad your baby is finally home and I'm sure she'll have the perfect name soon.

  • Congratulation!!! She is darling and I'm sure she will name herself. (Our first basenji was called DammitPete)

  • She is lovely, brindle is my favorite as well. Naming is one of the hardest things I find, as well as finding the name to fit the dog everyone has to agree. Good luck.

  • CONGRATS!!!!!! She is too cute and how fun that we ARE related by our Basenjis! TMartin too!

  • She is so cute it hurts! LOL how did the red boy become the brindle girl? I definitely had no desire to own a boy, so the change would have been great for me. And omg, that cute brindle! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Congrats. 🙂

  • Thanks, everyone! I'm SO pleased with her!

    Thanks for all the great name ideas! I like them all! Naming is always hard, but this is even trickier because she is from the VV litter. It's a challenge to come up with a registered name that has two V words and then, I would like to have her call name relate to that, if possible. Then I make it even harder, because I have always given my pets Hollywood names. LOL– I like to make life difficult! Think I'll just go with the "DammitPete" paradigm and name her "Very Very Rambunctious," call name "Uh-Oh!" 🙂

    As to how the red boy became a brindle girl, I have always had boys and I thought another tri might be too much like Spencer. And the majority of the puppies were red boys, so the question was just which red boy from which litter would be mine. Right at the end, the breeder thought the brindle girl was the best fit for me. So home she came, and I'm just crazy about her. Sometimes, what you think you want isn't what you need.

    More pics and a name announcement Very, Very soon.

  • @tanza:

    CONGRATS!!!!!! She is too cute and how fun that we ARE related by our Basenjis! TMartin too!

    Wonder who else is related to us? Little Uh-Oh! may have a lot of cousins on here.

  • What a cute little brindle girl 🙂

    Congratulations on the new addition!

  • Vivacious Veronica Lake? 😉

  • Double V's would be difficult!!! What about Viva Venus… She sure is a cutie and you are lucky to have lots of people on here who are related to you now!

  • Changes becomes amazing gifts-for three years of litters I was expecting and once was chosen for a red girl, yet I ended up with the farthest thing from it…a black anytime I see a black and white dog my heart melts..and I love boys. In the end my breeder was right, it doesn't matter what you're looking for (coat color, markings), you end up head over heels with what you get!

  • I have had over the year so many people insist that they wanted a girl… only to find that I picked a boy for them... and visa versa... The only time this I will try and get the sex someone wants is if they already have a Basenji of one sex or the other....

  • How about Vivian? Two V's, Viv for short?

    Call name could be something like "Venus's Vixen". ((Men are from mars, women are from Venus- seeing as you surprisingly got a girl?) or "VaVA Voom…"

  • Thanks for all the V suggestions! Keep 'em coming! I think V is probably the hardest letter in doubles– except for Q, which they skipped because it was just too hard.

    Great minds think alike! I have been playing with Vixen and Venus and I love Veronica Lake but I'm not sure what I'd call her. (Not so keen on Ronni-- maybe Nica?) Same with Vivian. I also love Lucy 😉 and wondered if I could work Vivian in with that. That second V is what makes it so hard!

    I also love Va-Va-Voom; call name Ava or Sophia/Sophie. And Viva Las Vegas; call name Liza or Lola. Or Virtue and Vice; call name Emma. And there's one more I'm tinkering with. Of course, Little Miss No-Name is no help-- she doesn't respond to any of them unless I have a treat in my hand and then she likes them all.

  • Tanza gave you a good one, "Vice Versa". You were expecting a boy, and have a girl. 🙂

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