1st Birthday!
First Basenji's

Today is Dolce's 1st Birthday! She is the LOVE OF MY LIFE. I thank everyone who helped me along the way to make the correct choices when it came to choosing my lil girl. I have such an intense love for her and B's in general. My bf and I would love to get a companion for her but this year was too soo for her she is not mature enough. Other than that I want her to have the happiest Birthday and best life she can with us I hope she is happy.. nahh I know she is! lol BarrrRRrrrOooOoo!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday dolce! 🙂

Happy Birthday 🙂

Happy Birthday from a fellow "Eldorado B"….Oakley and I wish Dolce a great day!

Happy belated birthday! 🙂

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