Happy 1st Birthday Lola!!!

Today Lola celebrates her first birthday! We plan on going to the park later today & she will get a special birthday treat later on when Andrew gets home. Here are some pictures of her growing up!

Lola's first sweater - 5 weeks

Find the basenji! - 7 weeks

Ouch! Posing is painful! - 5 months

Napping - 6 months

At the park - 6 months

Sleeping in mom's lap - 7 months

First coursing practice - 8 months

Ready for winter! - 11 months

Lola's first Christmas tree - 11 1/2 months


Happy B-Day Lola!!

Happy birthday pretty girl! 🙂

Happy Birthday Lola! Baroooooooo!

Happy Birthday Lollers!

Basenji Mix

Happy-HAPPY 1st Birthday Lola!

Happy Birthday Sweet Lola !!!:)

Happy Birthday Lola!

Beautiful, beautiful B.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday Lola! She is beautiful! I sure love those dark brindles…

Lola wanted me to thank everybody for the warm birthday wishes!!! She had a great day. We went to the park for about an hour, and she had her very first cheeseburger dinner. I tried to get pictures, but as soon as I put the dinner bowls out (Coda & Booger had regular kibble), she grabbed the burger & dove under the loveseat so nobody could take it from her!!! Booger tried to poke his nose under to see if he could snag some, and, with the entire bun in her mouth, she bared her teeth & growled while chewing!!! I had to drag Booger away before she could run out of food & turn on him!

one day too late, but Happy birthdag!!!!

Happy birthday Lola you cute little beastie!

Happy "B"-Day Lola!!!:D

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