• This post is probably not about what you may think…

    I have had my Zorro for almost a year now, his birthday was in december (like most Bs). He has completely changed my life, in a good way for the most part.

    The part I am actually surprised about is that he has overcome separation (somewhat) but I can't get over mine. It seems the more time I spend with my little beastie, the more I hate being away from him. Not when I go to work or class, but for longer periods of time.

    In the last year, I have traveled twice. I left for a week to go to a wedding, leaving him with my boyfriend. And the second time, I left for two weeks and left him with my mother. I had only had him for a little over a month when I left the first time and he was driving me crazy 🙂 so that was like a little vacation from him. But the second time, I was quite upset to leave him for two weeks and ecstatic to see him again.

    Thing is, my boyfriend and I are leaving for six weeks on a trip we have been planning for a while now. Pretty much my dream adventure. But Zorro unfortunately has to stay home and guard the fort. He will be home with a friend of mine and my cats.
    I know he will remember me when I get back. Besides being a pissed off little man because I left him, he will be happy we are home.
    I just realized that I won't see him for six weeks and it upset me a lot more than I thought it would. My better half thinks its pretty funny and, lets face it, it is a little... But I will miss my mischievous little ball of energy!

    I hope I am not the only crazy one here... hahaha

  • Rest assured, you are not the only crazy one!

    Keep in mind, he will not forget you. Puppies that I have placed and not seen in person for many years, always remember me!

  • Oh, I completely understand. For years I thought I wouldn't be able to look after a dog because of my lifestyle - my family lives in a different country, and I travel a lot for work. So when I decided to adopt I thought long and hard about all the people I could trust my little furry girl with, the best pet hotels etc. I had it all planned. Now in nearly a year, I've left her only once, for a week. It all went fine, she didn't seem in the least bit worried or traumatised - and yet I still hate leaving her and try to avoid any trip to places where she can't follow!

    So yes, another crazy here 🙂

  • Hehe thanks 🙂

    I know he will remember me and probably sulk like the cats will to let me know it was not cool to leave them at home. But there is always this little crazy part of me that worries! 🙂 I am sure I will be allowed to hear a little baroo Zorro saves for special occasions!!

  • I could not handle 6 weeks away from my crazy boy! The longest has been maybe a week when I went to visit my mom and he stayed behind with my husband and it was just weird not having him around. He should be very happy to see you afterwards though and baroos are always awesome especially when you don't hear them all that often (like with our B)!

  • I thought I could handle six weeks away from him, but I am not even gone and I can't handle it!! haha
    But of course once I am there it will go by so fast and I will be back a lot faster than I thought!!

    Zorro hardly ever baroos but when he does we get so excited!! Going away will be worth it just to hear him howl when we get back!! 🙂

  • i miss the girls just going to work everyday,im lucky that the wife is at home (isis is mommy's girl anyway if you know what i mean)but still we plan things for being away only short periods of time. we were going to have issues because my daughter moved to wa for a few years and wanted us to visit so..we were planning on 2 trips one for the wife and id stay here to hold down the fort,and then id go later.but lucky we moved so plans changed and not going, i know people put there dogs in kennels and have no problems doing that. but we just cant.even way back b4 we got the b when the wife went on trips, my work was close enough to come home at lunch and take care of the dogs (had and a lab mix and a bull terrier then) they say the world revolves around the sun..but we know thats not true…..

  • yes, i have the same issue. it only gets worse as they age.

  • First Basenji's

    I completely understand as well. I've turned into such a homebody since I became a dog owner… Unfortunately I also have to travel a lot for conferences and international research (well, in an "ideal" year, when I have funding!). Tears me up, even though I know I'm leaving the dogs in the loving care of my partner... who hasn't really had the opportunity to travel with me in about eight years now!

  • Thanks to all of you for reassuring me, I thought I was starting to go crazy haha!! 🙂
    Since the trip was something we have wanted to go on for a while now we aren't going to back out!! Zorro's babysitter reassured me that he will send weekly updates (or more) and he will treat him well! He is one of my closes friends so I am sure I can count on him.
    It may be harder than I think to separate from Zorro at first because I am not going to be working one month prior to our trip!! So we will be joint a the hip before I leave!! I am just going to make it worse haha.

  • Can you Skype with your caregiver while you are gone? Maybe it would help you cope if you could at least see him and talk long distance with Skype?

  • I've only been away from Oakley four days in two years and it was bc he was hospitalized…and it was traumatic for us both!! The end of the year I'm planning a two week trip to Fiji and Tahiti but idk if I'll be able to do it! His separation anxiety is worse than mine and mine is UP THERE

  • @Ana:

    Zorro's babysitter reassured me that he will send weekly updates (or more) and he will treat him well! He is one of my closes friends so I am sure I can count on him.

    I have babysat my aunts' dogs many times before, including twice where it was the first time they had left the newest addition. Keep in mind they were always gone for less than a week, sometimes maybe only 2 or 3 days. Yet I would text 2 or 3 times a day to reassure my one aunt that everyone was ok and doing well. If I missed a morning or evening update she'd be calling asking how they were doing. So I'm sure weekly updates probably will not be enough. Heck, when I've left Loki before for a couple of days I'm texting my husband at least once a day to see how things were!

  • When I am away I talk to my husband daily to check up on Perry. While vacationing with friends, I kept in touch via email, and my husband's message would often be something like "Perry had three poops today". My friends thought it was hilarious! 🙂 (you have to be a Basenji owner to understand emails like that!)

  • Update!!

    We are leaving next monday!! I took Zorro to the vet today to make sure he is doing great, have his nails clipped and buy enough food for six weeks! I am geting so nervous about my trip and leaving him.

    I actually had a little change of plans, my friend was supposed to take care of him for the whole time but now he will only have him for three weeks and my mother will take him the rest of the time. She is retired and has a big garden so he will not be spending so much time in his crate. (also get long walks and be treated like a king haha)

    I made sure I would get a few updates a week and skype dates with my Zorro!! Hope everything goes well! I'll let you know how it goes and if I survive being away from him for so long!! haha

  • I was surprised that our dog still remembered their breeder a year after we had received him. It was one of the few times he would wag his tail. Dogs, are imprinted with people and I believe do not forget someone special or someone they do not like in their lives.

  • Well, we came back last month… When my mother brought Zorro to us, he seemed at first to not understand what was going on... But then he understood and was very excited! He picked up a few bad habits at her place but quickly realized he was back home with us and was back to the old Zorro!
    It was so hard to leave him for so long, but I got regular updates and skype aswel! (which seemed to depress him as he ran around for hours trying to find us after)... I am so glad to be back home with him!!

  • How was your trip?

  • It was great!!! 😃

  • glad things went well with zorro, that skype thing i think was a good idea,i can understand to, them running around the house thinking where do you go where did you go lol, sounds like the wife will be going out to wa this thanksgiving to see our daughter,only for a few days,then come back, ill take some time off from work and girl sit : ) isis loves me but im not mommy

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