My separation anxiety…

My friends are taking me for a Surprise Birthday Weekend, so Butu is in kennels, having a great time (last seen running around like a lunatic with a Westie called Pippin..) I am at home, missing him. I have opened all the doors of the rooms he's not allowed in, which is Nice and Convenient, but I still Miss The Boy

Aww, I feel bad for you. The first time I had to leave Becca at a kennel, I cried!!! But they took good care of her and after that it was almost like freedom…LOL.

I think we are the ones that suffer not them, they may miss us but then they have friends to play with and when they get home they get spoiled, a win win situation for them. Planning on a holiday next year so will be going through the same thing, first time away from Kaiser and I am such a worry wart will be checking in on him that's for sure.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Knowing you are going to go away, I'd put Kaiser at the kennel for an overnighter a time or 2 so he gets used to it if you can. It will help him be less stressed about the longer time and you more confident that he'll be okay.

LOL on Separation Anxiety. When I have a pet sitter, I am less stressed since I know they are content, which frankly many dogs are NOT when suddenly boarded with a lot of other animals. But yep, I still miss them.

I know how you feel!! Whenever my husband and I go on vacation, by the end of the trip we are so anxious to get home to see our Bs. Oddly enough, my male, Jubilee, does better at the kennel than at home with a pet-sitter. His separation anxiety is worse at home than away.

Max mite know that Westies named Pippin.

I am in the UK, Tp3, so maybe not…

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