• I thought it was crazy the other day I took Mali's collar off because it was dirty. While I was washing her collar she would not settle down, she went berzerk!! Running around like a mad-basenji and just generally freaking out… as soon as it was done in the wash I brought it inside to dry and she did EVERYTHING in her power to get that thing. Finally I just put it on her (wet and everything) and she instantly ran to her little bed in the sunshine and went to sleep.

    😮 does anybody else have a B that experiences collar separation anxiety??

  • That's funny! The only time Abbey ever gets to take her collar off is for a bath, then I have to chase her down to get it back on her. I also can't turn my back on her harness because her mission in life is to chew it up. It's only a matter of time.

  • Yes!! Finally someone knows wihat I'm talking about. Since my guy was a puppy, we could never-ever remove his collar without fighting him "tooth-and-nail". He hates it when we remove his collar. He does a death roll, like crocodiles do with teeth and wrist grip. It has gotten easier now that he's older (1 year in January). Maybe he feels secure with collar on. 😕

  • That's really weird… he's almost the same age as Mali... only 1 month older and she does the SAME thing!! Deathroll and everything!

  • Mine never wear collar in the house and they would try everything to go out for walks without one!

  • That's the way our first B was… Bandit HATED his collar... he would always just slink around miserably with it on and when we'd take it off he'd be so happy!

    But not Miss Mali... not in the least! She hates being WITHOUT it...

  • haha thats so funny. Mine get theirs take off when they goto sleep for the night which they seem fine with, but are so excited to get them put back on in the morning, tails wagging like crazy. 🙂

  • every basenji that I've ever had, thought a collar was just for killin'!


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