Jaw quivering - an anxiety issue?

  • I was just playing with our mixed breed Rosie. She had a new hard Nylabone that she'd brought over to me. As I was reaching for it, she shifted her hold on the bone and accidentally caught my third finger (kind of got snagged on a pre-molar). I yipped a bit and had my eyes closed, as it did hurt plus I wanted her to be more careful. When I did open my eyes, she was sitting there with her lower lip quivering. I could tell she was really upset as she was sitting very still, without a command, and staring. I reassured her but she still had the lip quiver for a minute or more.

    My opinion is that she was upset about hurting the alpha dog in our pack. I got up and moved around, but when I came back and sat down, she followed me and tried to lick the fingers on both of my hands. She doesn't really do a lot of licking until we go to bed (seems like a social thing morning and night).

    I did some reading on the forum regarding jaw quivering so wondered if anyone had more info or opinions. Thanks!

  • @jerseygirl01 Could be anxiety, they are sensitive dogs. Nylabones are not safe for the dog despite what they advertise. I gave them to my girl who was a voracious chewer and found out years later that she had shattered many of her teeth. She had to have about eight teeth removed over three years.

  • Seems like you have a very cute and sweet girl. Congrats!

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