Basenji in The February issue of National Geographic

There is an article about Dogs and mapping human genomes in the National Geographic Magazine for February that has a basenji in it.

Uh oh! Another magazine I am going to have to buy.

I believe that was the Best of Breed winner at last Westminster last year.

The article seems to be pretty much old news, a rehash of the DNA study by Ostrander in 2004. I haven't actually seen the article but from what was sent to me, it really is just that info. (I was not nice– went to the Pharoah hounds when the dna study came out to gloat as the study said really NEW breed that simply looks like old one that died out.)
I can't find the study, though I have it saved somewhere so here is blurb:

That said, someone emailed me to post it and I forgot to. ..

The mail said:

Pass it along. Everyone needs to see this month's new NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
with the DOG on the cover (one of those Weimerhiners with a POODLE cut glued

The topic inside is the GENETICS of dogs and it has some AMAZING stuff about
BASENJIS…including a beautiful head photo, a surprising genetic analysis
(YES, our dogs are REALLY ancient, and SURPRISE, they are closer to CHOWS
then they are to Pharaoh Hounds!!!! AND....OOOPS....Pharaoh Hounds and other
"ancient breeds".. REALLY AREN'T!!! They are MODERN DNA dogs, created to
LOOK like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs!!!

OURS..however, DO have VERY ancient genes (to the point where our B's are
basically strange looking GRAY WOLVES if you look at the gene breakdown.

There is also an amazing side bar full page story about the FOREVER dog and
while they call them "no breed at all" (the dogs in African
Villages)...well, look at the photo for yourself!!! Seems these dogs are NOT
FERAL, but actually
just "wild dogs" that have existed on the fringe of human society for Eons
now. Part domestic, part wild...(all nuts, as we know) and indeed ancient.

This is one edition we ALL need to own.<<<<

For a cute interactive map :

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