• Our 1 year old girl has had on and off bouts with diarrhea since we have had her, and working with vet, we have been able to manage it through diet, and she responds really well to probiotics & pumpkin whenever she does have a flare up. She had been doing so great, with really normal poops for the past month, when we were at the pet store today, and she was all kinds of hyped up because of all the dogs, toys, people petting her, etc, etc, she out of no where had explosive diarrhea right in the store. After almost dying of embarrassment, a store employee was helping us clean it up, and she pointed to some blood in her stool. Luckily, we were able to catch the vets office before they closed, and we will be bringing in a stool sample Monday morning. In the past, they have suspected she might have by IBD, but is an assumption based on the fact that everything always comes up normal.

    Should we be requesting any other tests besides the fecal sample? I guess i just panicked a little at how this flare up came out of nowhere, and the presence of a little blood. Can extreme excitement trigger flare-ups like this? regardless, she will be having a dose of probiotic and pumpkin for dinner. She seems to be acting totally normal post incident, and even tried to grab a toy on the way out of the store…

    She is otherwise healthy - fanconi negative, voracious appetite, lots of energy and very happy/friendly. She just has explosive diarrhea sometimes.

    Are we missing something??

  • @mdean8:

    Can extreme excitement trigger flare-ups like this?

    Absolutely it can! I have had more than one Basenji that will go from solid stools to pure liquid because of the excitement of a walk in the woods. (I have a horse that is the same way. 🙂 )

    That said, it is good to get it checked out. Lots of possibilities, e.g. Giardia, among others…..

  • Oakley was tough as a puppy, stools were a big issue. Now, at two..anytime he gets I overwhelmed, anxious or very excited his stools become soft and messy!

    Did u happen to get a sample from the store? Since that's the stool that had blood? Sometimes the only way to catch whatever's going on is to get the sample stemming from the incident rather than wait for a normal day. My vet gives a stool kit that you just stamp the end into the stool and it fits back in the cup in the bag, drop off it and I get a call almost an hour later, never have to be seen unless something's wrong.

  • First Basenji's

    Sounds like possible stress colitis

  • I was so flustered i never even thought to take the sample from the store! It was so liquid though i don't know how useful it would have been. Of course now it's back to normal, so whatever sample i bring in tomorrow will probably come up clear. I will have to ask him about stool kit so that i am prepared next time this pops up!

  • I would still look at other problems… while many "could" have excitement problems, it is not something that I have had with any of mine.. and we go to shows/lure trials all the time...

    Have you talked to the breeder?

  • I would think colitis to be a possibility

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