Very Exciting…

I have just received Ochre's Fanconi results, and I am VERY pleased to say that Wazazi High Expectations is Probably Clear/Normal :):).

We thought she would be, but, the excitement when you open up the results, and see it written there, is just such a wonderful feeling…

We were in the car, when I opened up the letter, with the kids, 14 and 12, (actually it is the 12 yr old's, Imogen's, Birthday today, but, even though she has some wonderful gifts, from family and friends, I still think I got the BEST gift today !!!), and the squeals of joy from the back seat, was music to my ears :D. I really think they were as excited as I was. I was very happy to hear that, cos they may well be the next generations of Basenji breeders...

Sorry to prattle, Im just so happy, and wanted to share :o.

Wonderful news!

Great news, congrats!!!

Wonderful news!! I got my great news 2 weeks ago.

Brilliant news, so pleased for you.

Happy for you and Ochre's. Have a great rest of the week.

Rita Jean


Great news, what an awesome feeling…I sent Otis' test in two days ago so we are marking off the days on our calendar...soon we will now.
Again, great news.

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