The 12 Days of Christmas Bloopers - Basenji Style!

  • Every year, like I'm sure a lot of you do, I endeavor to take Christmas card photos of my basenjis, Jigsaw and Indy. And every year, they do their utmost basenji best to derail my attempts at getting nice, "posed" pictures. Usually at the expense of my dollar store props! I've consequently ended up with quite the selection of "out-take" photos to choose from, most of which come courtesy of my "Just Do It" dog, Indy. I swear, Indy is determined NEVER to grow up! 🙂
    The last 2 years I have posted "The 12 Days" on the basenji pix list, and have gotten quite a response from people submitting caption ideas for each of the photos. So, this year I decided to also include the Forum, figuring that if folks want to submit caption ideas, everyone will be able to read them, not just me!
    So, here goes the 3rd "annual" 12 Days of Christmas Bloopers, basenji-style. On Day 1, Jigsaw and Indy acquaint themselves with the new set - and do their basenji-best to dismantle it before I've hardly even begun!

  • "Holy crap! Did I just see Santa??"

  • LOLL they are basenji, it's what they do. Cute picture. Heck I'd like it just like that!

  • First Basenji's

    Hey Indy, what ever was in that last stocking sure had a punch-Get the other one before we get caught!

  • Indy: Whatchoo you doin' wif dat coal, Santa? I bin nice!
    Jigsaw: Get offa my foot.

  • Ok, here's day 2. The new reindeer antlers I bought - these ones supposedly designed for dog heads - took a beating!

  • First Basenji's


    Ok, here's day 2. The new reindeer antlers I bought - these ones supposedly designed for dog heads - took a beating!

    Ummm, taste better than it feels… Indy, you pull it like this...........

  • Christmas is tiring! The doggie dentist said I had to floss!!

  • Here are some of my favourite captions for yesterday's photos from people on the pix list:
    "Pay attention now!

    This is the way you floss your teeth,

    Floss your teeth, floss your teeth.

    This is the way you floss your teeth,

    in time for Christmas morning!" from Dawn

    "Instruments of torture, must be destroyed." from Peggy

    "If I've told her once, I've told her a thousand times. We DON'T do hats!" from Kevin & Amy

    "Ah, the Spirit of Christmas pest!" from Chris

    "No, you shoot the antlers at the squirrels this way" from Jo Lynne


    "Brace yourself Indy, using that reindeer hat as a slingshot is about to backfire on you." from Debbie

    Today, Jigsaw argues with me about wardrobe selection. The 3rd day of Christmas bloopers - basenji style!

  • "Mom! I caught the burglar! I'm soooooo good"
    "Give up the hat Santa. Mom's gonna want it for tomorrow's photo op!"

  • First Basenji's

    NO, really, this time I wanna wear it, I do, I do!!!!!

  • Yesterday's pix list "finalists" are:

    "I can get myself dressed, thank you very much!" from Jo Lynne

    "Look, you can have the green one, red suits me much better!" from Annechien

    "I LOVE TUG OF WAR! Pull harder mom…Indy, help! She's winning!" from Kevin and Amy

    "It holds more cookies if you stretch it first!" from Mike

    "You can't go back up the chimney until I get my present!" from J.R.

    "Changed my mind...I NEED to be coordinated!" from Lynn


    You: "Didn't you hear me? I said, on a count of three, we'll both let go."

    Jigsaw: "Yes, I heard you!" from Linda

    Today, Indy takes over for me. What IS it about him and elastic?! The 4th day of Christmas bloopers, basenji style!

  • Love their Santa suits but it's pretty obvious they do not feel the same! B's are such funny animals.

  • "This will show Santa not to leave coal in our stockings!"

  • Indy: If I just lift my left paw, Jigsaw will get this right in the eye….

  • I can still taste the burglar on this hat!
    I was told to floss every day!

  • Thanks to those of you who have been playing along. 🙂
    From the pix list people, my favourite captions from yesterday are:
    "It looks like spaghetti, but it sure doesn't taste like it. How is your end?" from J.R.
    "Jigsaw: What happened to the guy wearing this?
    Indy: That was a GUY?!
    Jigsaw: Dude! You sleigh me." from Linda
    "Indy: "I've got it! If we sabotage the hat, we won't have to wear it." from Kevin & Amy
    "Ugh, don't like fluffy pompons, but this stuff could just be like chewing gum….... no wait.... oh ooooops, it's floss for my teeth!!"
    from Annechien
    "Not sure what it is, but it stretches like a chicken!" from Chris
    "Watch it buster - you'll be yankin' your teeth out and possibly sending me flying across the room..." from Sue

    Today, Indy tries to use height to his advantage. (Kind of surprising that the pom pom hadn't been decapitated yet!) The 5th day of Christmas bloopers - basenji style!

  • "Are you sure this is what Mom calls a cracker?"

  • If I let go right now, the pompom will hit her right in the nose! Take that!

  • Finalists from the pix list yesterday are:

    "Hang on, Jigsaw! I"ll pull you to safety!!" from Rose
    "Jigsaw, look into my eyes…you're getting sleepy, very sleepy." from Kevin and Amy
    "More goodies will fit in it if we stretch it out really well!" from Katy
    Jigsaw: "L.e.t. g.o."
    Indy: "N.o."
    Jigsaw: "I'm telling you Indy, it's not manly to wear this kind of hat; l.e.t. g.o."
    Indy: "I.AM.too.manly.....MOOOOOOOOM!" from Linda
    "If you can't even pull me onto the bed, how are we ever going to go mountain climbing?" from J.R.
    "Just pull the string, and out pops a pom-pom cookie." from Sam
    "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye..." from Hank

    Today, at the half-way point, Indy needs to take a bit of a rest - this has been hard work, you know! The 6th day of Christmas bloopers, basenji-style!

    With the news from Connecticut the last few days, it somehow seems a bit trite to be doing this. But it is my sincere hope that those who have been affected by this tragedy might be able to pause for at least a little smile in this horrible time. Please know that the thoughts and prayers of people around the world are with you.

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