Black and white basenji for adoption. (Georgia)

  • Vader ( as in Darth Vader) is a 1 and a half year old basenji up for adoption. We rescued him from a byb when he was 7 weeks old. Yes, she sold puppies at 4-5 weeks, and when she couldn't sell Vader, she gave him to one of my coworkers for free. He was passed around the salon (I'm a groomer) for a couple of weeks before I felt sorry for him and took him. We already had 2 dogs and 2 cats. I was totally unprepared for having this energetic basenji. After many training classes and lots of love and patience, my husband and I decided to stop lying to ourselves. Vader is not a perfect fit for our family, he has bite inhibition issues and a strong prey drive. He is constantly cornering our cats and now has bit them until the skin broke. He cannot live with other cats but does fine with our 2 large dogs. He also loves going to the lake and swimming ( he has a little life jacket). During the day he isn't crated but we have a baby gate to prevent him from going to the cats room. He is up to date on all shots and preventatives for fleas, ticks, and heart worms. He is neutered. We want him to go to someone prepared for a basenji or has a history of owning basenjis. We'd bee willing to drive him across state or meeting somewhere half way. We just want the perfect home for him to thrive in. We don't want any money. If you can help us find a home or are interested please email me. Thank you.

  • Maybe check out Brat, they rescue basenjis. but if you dont want to put him in rescue, im sure someone will want him. It sounds like you really care about him and realizing he is not right for your family is a responsible thing for you to do, instead of just pawning him off at the pound. since you are trying to find a good home for him, i say thank you! Good luck and let us know. Pictures would be nice to have for others to see if they are interested in him. Check out brat, and im sure others on the forums will help somehow. 🙂 good luck!!

  • BRAT is Basenji Rescue and Transport and the website is


  • Hi. If you don't find a forever home that you're totally comfortable with, please consider giving your b over to BRAT (, as other BRAT members have said here. We are a 100% volunteer organization chock-a- block full of "ownees" who care very deeply about b's. We do assessments, take care of their medical needs (including spaying/neutering, shots, etc.), foster them first, do home visits, and only when the b is ready and the right home for that particular b has been found, then we adopt out. We offer lifetime support in answering questions, giving guidance, BRAT group email chats, etc., and we will always take the b back for any reason at any time.

    I wish you the very best. God bless,
    Volunteer, Basenji Rescue And Transport (BRAT)

  • Sorry I haven't updated this. I did contact BRAT, but I never heard from them? Vader is still looking for a home. The more we prolong looking for a home, the more we second guess ourselves about it. Until we got home from work today to find one of out cats had a huge bald spot and wound on the back of his neck, and we knew it was Vader. I will have to get on out other computer to upload a pic, but I can email them if anyone want to see him now. And about the 2nd post, no that dog is not mine and I'm not sure why you posted that link.

  • Unfortunately, lots of B's don't do well with cats. Is there any way you can confine Vader to one area that the cats can't get into? Or a huge crate? Only when you cannot supervise? I would contact BRAT again. They may have lost the e-mail-sometimes that happens. I'm sorry that you haven't had any luck placing him. They can be great dogs, but I wouldn't trust mine with cats either.

  • I have never known brat to not contact someone, ever. Please contact them again.

    The person posted it because you are in GA, have a dog named VADER and here is another dog in ga, also named Vader. It was a very strange coincidence. Fortunately that dog is no longer listed on the site so hopefully found a home. I think they didn't notice your dog is black and white, this one is obviously not. 🙂

    If you will give me your email in private message, I will be glad to have Brat contact you. In fact, let me give your info here to brat and get them to contact you asap.

  • Hi, R.thitaram,

    I am one of the Directors of Basenji Rescue and Transport, Inc. (BRAT) and receive all the rescue forms submitted to BRAT. We just got notice of a red and white basenji in GA, but not a black and white named Vader. Please submit the form again at . Our home page is . We will be glad to work with you if you need to re-home Vader. You can also write to me using this address .

    Debbi J.

  • Thankyou everyone. I will be contacting BRAT ASAP.

  • If you havent found a home for Vader yet, I would most definently like to take him in.

    Current age? Pics? Please send info to

  • First Basenji's

    I think Tag and family need another buddy to play with!!! Good luck Tagaroo

  • I emailed you a few times, please email me back.

  • I am in contact with BRAT now, but we are still actively looking for a home for Vader. Of course we don't want to rush things, but having the cats separated from him is a challenge. If anyone wants pics I can email them, my iPad won't let me upload any. And if anyone in the metro Atlanta area wants to meet him we can go to a local dog park.

  • First Basenji's

    what ever happened to Vader??????????????????

  • He went to BRAT, and is now in foster care and doing great. Thanks for your concern!

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