Looking for a male black and white puppy on the west coast :)

  • SF Bay Basenjis

    I've raised two Basenji's, both girls, Luna and Jungle Jane. Luna passed a few years ago and sadly Jungle passed last month. I thought I could live without a basenji.... I can't!! I would love to raise a black and white boy and wondering about a breeder on the west coast. I can travel to get him'z!! I got Jungle Jane from a breeder in Ohio, Rugosa's Basenji's through a dog park friend, Perry. I don't know if they still breed but would love to find someone closer. Thanks for any advice or information. PS- I met a black and white boy today in SF who was from a breeder in Seattle but I didn't get their name.... Jason

  • We just got a basenji from Kathy khanisbasenjis.com. She is locat in SE Portland Oregon and has bread them for years. I. Am not sure where you are located but I know there are 2 in Oregon that I am aware of. You put a deposit down and she does like to meet the owner.

  • Go to www.basenji.org and search by state. Most likely you can find a breeder that might have or be breeding Black/White...

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