Wanted Red and White Male Puppie :)

Hello everyone and Happy New Year,

I was wondering if anyone can help me locate a Red and White Male Puppy for sale in the CT, NY, MA area? I have found many for sale out West, but I rather be able to see where the puppies are coming from.

Thanks for your help,


Have you visited the Basenji Club of America website and then the breeder directory? Here is the link http://www.basenji.org/PUBLIC/BreederDirectory.htm

Please also visit this link with information on how to find a responsible breeder

Thanks for your quick reply. I will check out both sites. What are your feelings on "shipping" dogs from out of state? I just worry about the dog and have never done anything like that before.

Thanks again,

Even more important than just the idea of shipping a dog is feeling confident with the breeder and his or her practices. One of the best ways to get a sense for that is to visit the breeder at home. You will also find some breeders are hesitant to ship a pup because they want to meet YOU. The interview goes both ways.
You might be a tad late in the season…..but look around. We have a member here from CT who's getting a r/w boy pup from a litter of five I think, four of them r/w....but I have not a clue as to whether any of them are available. Keep us posted 🙂


Thanks for your quick reply. I will check out both sites. What are your feelings on "shipping" dogs from out of state? I just worry about the dog and have never done anything like that before.

Thanks again,

My personal opinion is that as a breeder I will not ship a puppy, period. Anyone interested in a puppy from me would have to personally come and pick up a puppy. The pup would then return being able to ride in the cabin with the person

Whatever you do, make sure the puppies' parents are registered on http://www.caninephenome.org/search.html

** make sure you find both parents health tests results on the site. Any breeder who says their dogs are Fanconi clear and tested but who are not listed with the CPP have not done the official marker test and you are at risque for buying a dog who could be afflicted with our breeds biggest disease.

I personally would do as Tanza suggested and go and pick up the dog. You know what you are getting and you know the puppy will be safe. I did this with my girl, and she did the flight just fine under my seat.

This is most certainly a get what you pay for breed, more than others because they are rarer. For the most part a reputable breeder charges upwards from $700

Good luck !

I would look at the BCOA site for reputable breeders in your area, but don't be quick to rule out others. A lot of good breeders have all their puppies spoken for by now, so that will make your search much harder. But keep looking and don't be afraid to contact folks from all over. The most important thing is to find a good breeder that you can work with personally, and one who does significant health testing, including the new DNA marker for fanconi. A happy healthy puppy and supportive relationship with a breeder are priceless! I do know some folks will ship, but the best thing to do is go out and get the dog. You will probably want to meet the breeder and litter, and they will want to meet you. That way you can get a better feel for each other and both still have an "out" if things don't seem right. For about the same price as shipping a dog, you can get a plane ticket yourself to get them. It usually only costs about $50 or so to add the dog in cabin on your return trip. And then you are in complete control the whole time of what is happening to your puppy.

Also sometimes breeders that live outside your area still have ways to make transportation arrangements. You can always check. They know other breeders that live between you two and can meet up with them at shows or events to get the puppy closer to it's new home, or within a reasonable driving distance of you. My first dog came from Georgia, but I only had to go to KY to get him. 🙂

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