Wanted- girl puppy black & white

I am looking to see if anyone has a very young black & white female or if/when you might have a litter that is likely to produce one. My sweet, petite little red & white girl is fighting a losing battle with Urethan cancer right now. So I am just trying to see who might be available to fill the eminent Basenji void in my life. My baby is almost 14 yrs old and has had a very wonderful life. In my opinion… There is no other breed of dog that compares 🙂
I love the red & white color, but I don't want to possibly be comparing the new puppy to my angel.

I am sorry about your dog. Several breeders here so hopefully one will yell. Robyn is in GA, so not far from you.

So sorry to hear about your girl.
One of my late girls [Debra, you may remember De La, DC Khani's Howl Raiser of Woz MC BBHR] passed having issues somewhat like yours.
I took her in as I knew she had a UTI when she peed on the dog bed in the car…
ended up after 6 catheters... they put her under anesthesia...
and we found a huge mass/tumor in her bladder and extending halfway into her urethra.
It was a shocker and a hard way to lose my beloved girl.
I do feel for you...
but you can bring in a new girl and enjoy her just as much... and this time you know what to expect... so you are little more keen on basenji antics!
Best of luck to you!

Have you check out www.basenjirescue.org

They often have dogs to rehome.
Sorry about your girls health. Its hard when they get so sick.

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