• Hi there , we have been looking for a Basenji pup , preferably a male . Every link we are directed to has been unsuccessful. Please can anyone advise? I am in the uk 🇬🇧. Many thanks in advance

  • Hi to all. Same for me. Although i know most are going to breed shortly in the northern hemisphere, waiting lists arent easy to be included in...

  • In the US it is suggested that you contact breeders (would same for the UK) and develop a relationship with a breeder that you are both OK with each other... and you most likely need to be OK with waiting for the next breeding season since Basenjis are typically only born once a year... In the US you can contact with responsible breeders at www.basenji.org and search by state.

  • @liz-falzone Not sure if you are one of the 60 or so would-be Basenji puppy purchasers who has emailed me privately - PC is in the hospital and I am working on my laptop so can't access the list.

    But that alone does tell you a great deal ! I haven't bred a litter for 12 years now but am still getting enquiries - current breeders are also inundated. We have been weeding through enquirers, putting many people off this challenging breed if they should perhaps look elsewhere, and filling lists of known 2020 winter breeders. Many have been accepting visitors and establishing a relationship. And have closed lists.

    But breeders this winter seem to be holding their cards close to their chests, Rescues have been rehomed and Breed Clubs don't have many intended pairings listed.

    I may be able to help but need to know a great deal more about you - location, knowledge of the breed, children, working from home etc. My email addresses are on the websites listed in my signature bloc

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