• All my good ones are on my camera not my phone but here are two…

  • And, I can see how much he likes stepping in the water!

  • AMAZING pics! Thanks for sharing

  • @krunzer:

    I am surprised the swans got so close. But then again they must have realized that Basenji's melt in water…


    Incredible pics til the end.. those are just wrong.. a basenji in water? How cruel you are to mock those of us with melting basenjis, those of us who worry about poop/pee exploding dogs due to severe aversion to anything wet touching their feet. Shame on you!

    LOL I love the pics. Geese can be nasty so I like one is nice!

  • Lol, he hates rain and when it's wet! I can't explain how shocked I was the first time he dove into the water to get close to the swan, I was utterly unprepared!! A dog from land is one thing but a dog two feet from an alpha swan- ugh, I was ready to take my shoes of an dive in, it took some getting used to but I truly think the swan thinks I Oakley as a goofy harmless funny looking thing…he's totally unphased. As soon as they see us they swim a couple hundred yards to us, it's a joy bc it tires him out

  • If he had a straight tail I would swear he was a pointer!!

    here's a better one of him and his friend, who we call snow

  • LOL, great pics and he looks super!

  • Thanks! I really think he's starting to be ready for a sister….hopefully a little red a white or brindle...

    Which = I must be crazy!!

  • Amazing friendship, white swan, black basenji, who would have thought! Thank you for sharing!

  • First Basenji's

    Wow! Thanks for sharing these! I loved your pics!

  • Wonderful pix! Oakley is a very charming boy. You can tell he's a lover of life and must be loads of fun to have around!

    LOL– Spencer used to do that paw up and laser stare thing when he was younger and had something locked in sight. Luckily, I usually had him on leash, because B Rule #1: Basenji want, Basenji get. 🙂

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