She is getting so big
Basenji Mix

Here are some pics of Lilu from this morning, she was being lazy.

Cute girl!

Well i think she has finaly grown into her ears 😉
She's a gorgeous girl!


She is adorable..looks like a snuggle bug.

Basenji Mix

funny, i call her my snuggle bunny lol

Basenji Mix

video added… sorry for the mess, i left her alone for a second and the tore appart me laundry basket, and im sick so excuse my squeeky voice

this one was taken a few weeks back

First Basenji's

Wow, she's growing so fast!
I love the videos…. Cody tries to chew on his tags too 🙂

Basenji Mix

we had ust put a new ID tag on there so it made a different noise than what she was used to

Cute! So fun to watch vids.

Basenji Mix

i finally got a camera with a video option so keep an eye out for more! I may want to clean my room before I do another, dontcha think?

Basenji Mix

Monstrous Lilu! 🙂
Update: She is 21.5 from withers and she is 48lbs, loves our new kitty Nora and is somewhat gentle with her. I am actually more afraid for the dog than I am the cat haha

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