Do this couch make my butt look big????

Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to sit down too?????

Love my Bandit!!!!! Silly girl!!!

First Basenji's

That looks like Mojo on the couch!!! Basenji's are so funny- "It's all about me!!!"

I love the photo - so typically Basenji

Other dogs have owners. Basenjis have staff. 🙂 (of course it's all about them!)

ROFLMAO not sure which made me laugh more, the title or the picture. 🙂

great picture!

And we as the owners of those silly, lovely Basenji's will squeeze ourselfes next to them at one inch of the couch 🙂

Not only on the couch but the bed too!

Yeah, especially the bed. I wake up clinging to a corner of the blanket and they are underneath with their toes in my back!

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