Pictures that makes you smile

😃 We have some crazy dogs..

That little blancket is a bit small isn't it?

Ooooooh, it's for your head?!

Yes it's for my head…

Like a pirate…

And it sleeps again…

He won't put it off his head untill I take it off..

Whaaat? you want to put it on my head?

If you EVER think of that…. grrr

NO! I'm too glamorous to have something on my head!

Hear me? TO glamorous!

Look Sis, I know what to do with it!

Kill it!!!
(little note from me.. this little blancket is from Chafuko.. he takes it with him the whole day.. sleeps on it and just drag it with him… hahaha)

Mommy.. can I get it on my head???

Sigh…. I'm tired from all the pictures... really

No comment pics... :rolleyes:


Yes daddy… rub me on my belly!!!

more please…..:eek:

Buana doesn't fit into the hammock!

Uhm, Buana.. your tiny little butt won't fit…


you see?!?!

My butt won't fit?! How c?n she say something like that to me??

Chafuko is tired:

Chaf, are you tired?


no i'm not tired..


I'm just lazy!🆒

The thread title was not misleading at all. Lovely pictures. 😃

😃 great funny pictures!!! 😃

very nice pics. I like the ones in the cat's hammock…. I think one of these could be a good Christmas gift for my little Banshee. She would love it...



Great pictures! Love the first one of Hailey! She's the queen, isn't she..? 😃 😃

They do make one smile don't they.

great photos as always, really lovely.


as always, nice pictures. I love the one with the cat hammock, when he is barely in it..

LOL, Buddy would have chewed that little blanket up after the first pic. The pics did make me smile.

great pics + comments Kim 🙂

I look forward to your photographs. I love them! Keep posting.
The captions are so funny.


Great pictures! Love the first one of Hailey! She's the queen, isn't she..? 😃 😃

Oh Yes 😃 She really is…

Great pictures - Hailey really has quite a nose doesnt she!

Love the photos and captions!!!

You always have such great photos, and the captions are too cool!!!:D

Wonderful to see all the quirks Bendji has too !!!:D
Great series Kim, loooove to see them beasties again "life" !;)

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