Sisters Binti and Lela from Marken, The Netherlands

  • Hello,
    We are Kees-Jan Donkers and Anne-Marie Mulder from Marken, The Netherlands (a former island, north of Amsterdam).
    Last year March we got Lela (26 December 2010, Honey Money's Elinor) as a pup, and in September her older sister (13 January 2010, Honey Money's Bintu) joined us.
    Their parents are Abotere's Khamau and Two of a Kind's Lulu.
    We never had a dog before and we never wanted anything but a basenji - people warned us but we did it anyway - and it's been a very fulfilling journey ever since.
    They are very different characters: Lela the happy-go-lucky I-love-everybody-and-everybody-loves-me princess of play, and Binti the more reserved but very loyal companion (I suspect she would make a fine hunting dog). We are madly in love with them and since we both are home a lot (work and study) have a lot of interaction around the clock - they really do love the sun and cuddling up on your lap or check out what we're doing.

    B's are very rare over here, so we get a lot of attention of people of all ages. Fortunately we live in an area with several off-leash possibilities, so they get a good workout every morning - lots of birds to chase. We admire their stamina and the athletic outmanoeuvering of bigger dogs.

    Here are some pictures from 2011:
    And 2012:

    Kind greetings,
    KJ & AM

  • Hello to KJ and AM and the girls!

    Thanks so much for sharing the links. I really liked the videos - you have a lovely garden out back. Are those pears growing in the trees? They look delicious! I agree with you, basenjis are fast and can outrun many dogs, but they do have the incredible ability to change direction very quickly, outsmarting whoever is running after them, both dog and human!

    Welcome to the forum!

  • Yes, they are pears and we have an apple tree, too. Last year we had a huge harvest - this spring it was very cold, so we'll have to see.
    Fortunately Lela and Binti respond well when we call them - as long as there is no irritation whatever in our voices.

  • Lovely pictures - they obviously love each other. Welcome to the forum!

  • Hello and Welcome from Canada!

  • I live in NL too and everyone falls in love with my little girl wherever we go! I'm always getting asked about her as there are so few of them here. 🙂

  • Welcome! Nice to see 2 of Voodoo's (Honey Money's Darweshi) sisters on this forum! Lela looks just like her brother! 😃

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