• JaBok, my partner since he was a puppy is now ten years three months. He has always been vigorous and healthy with the exception of a bout of pancreatitus about three years ago after I fed him cooked beef liver. A friend gave me a bag of dry dog food last Friday (MMillennia holistic adult mantenance formula) I fed him some with chicken oat porridge with barley, brown rice, molasses & amino's which I have been preparing for him for years. He got up in the middle of the night and did not return to bed. He was a little listless the next day but relatively normal. I mixed the new feed with his usual dry feed (Nutro High Protien for Active Dogs). Took him out for run the next day he ran around but wanted to go home sooner than usual. Monday he spent the day sleeping, OK because I was busy, we went out to feed the horses after this chore he is fed his dinner. Stepping up to his bowl he sniffed pushed the bowel and turned to look at me as if to say phew. Funny even cute if not scarey. Later in the evening his abdomen was quite painful but he did spend the night in the bed. The next morning, this morning, he felt much better but will not eat. He plays with his food and looks at me as if he does not understand why he does not want to eat it. I have attempted to fix him special things he really likes. Other than a few pieces of shrimp nothing. He does drink water though. I am not sure about his bowel movements. But he does urinate. Needless to say I am very concerned as we are nearly joined at the hip. Both born Dec. 7, 60 years apart.

  • Welcome to you and to your dear companion JaBok.

    First off, I would take JaBok to the vet for a complete check up - when was his last one? Was that 3 years ago? With this new problem, I would get him in a.s.a.p.

    After you mixed the holistic food with the chicken oat porridge, you mixed it with your regular kibble. He had trouble with the combo both times. Could there be a problem with the holistic food?

    Your comment about JaBok makes me think of a post on here about pre-mix (do a search on 'pre-mix' in the search area of this forum). The post was about some tainted dog food (kibble). A 'pre-mix' (many of them are made in China) which is added to the kibble ingredients to provide proper vitamins and nutrients was making dogs sick. Owners were recalling their dogs turning their noses up at their food.

    In any event, I would not guess.I would get him to the vet and in the meantime, feed him boiled chicken with boiled rice (a tiny bit of chicken stock for a little flavour). Try to bring along a poop sample. If he vomits anything, bring that along as well. Please let us know how things progress. Wishing for the best.

  • Of course my first suspicion was that their was something about the MMillinnia, a kibble, which was passed out at the monthly assistance give away in the local town. I was going to take him in to the vet. on Tuesday as I had to go to the VA in Walla Walla. He seemed better in the morning so I saved him the total ordeal at the time. He is an anxious passenger after a long trip he is always exhausted. If he does not improve quickly I will of course take him to the vet. It is over seventy miles to his vet which makes it difficult for both of us.

  • I would suspect the new dog food. Any time you open a new bag of food and have any kind of digestive upset with a dog, the food is the most likely cause. I think you should get this dog to a vet ASAP. I realize this may be a hardship, but IMO you risk losing him if you don't. I hope things work out for you.

  • He is more susceptible to pancreatitis once he has had an issue with it. My guess would be he is dealing with a mild case of it, which could progress to a full blown case. The worst thing we can do for our dogs who are not feeling well is to continue to feed them and/or coax them to eat by giving enticing, but fatty or unfamiliar things which further exacerbate the problem.

    You need to give his stomach, pancreas, gut time to calm down - at minimum a 24 hour fast and that means NOTHING by mouth for 24 hours sans water. Then start back with a very bland diet, boiled chicken/rice - four VERY small meals during the day x three days, then slowly add his regular kibble (ditch the holistic food) to the bland diet x three days and work your way back up to his normal feeding.

    Once back on track I would recommend you stick with his regular diet and NEVER switch to a new food. His pancreatitis issues make him susceptible to flare-ups; the older he gets, the more susceptible. If after 24 fast and 1 day of feeding small, frequent meals he seems to regress, get to a vet. Or if he seems worse with a continued painful belly, prior to trying the fast, get to a vet. Pancreatitis can kill and should not be taken lightly.

  • Any time you have a dog with those symptoms, things can go wrong, very wrong, very fast– from bloat to poisoning. I realize 70 miles is a hike and would hope you can find a closer back up vet-- but please get the dog in to the vet NOW even if he appears a bit better.

    Obviously not bloat at this point, but it could be obstruction. It concerns me you also don't know if he is having bowel movements. Sick dog? You go with them and not only affirm they poop but examine it and possibly take into the vet.

  • I wish I lived closer to you as I would help you get your special companion to a vet RIGHT AWAY. Is there anyone who could drive you while you hold JaBok in the back seat? Perhaps that would make things easier on him (and you too). My Kipawa is my 'joined at the hip' dog - my forever shadow. If he had something wrong going on with him, I would be at the vet in a heartbeat. I don't know all of your personal details, so please know I am not discounting any health or other concerns you personally may have. It just sounds like JaBok means the world to you. I know that feeling. I think we are all very concerned, especially due to his previous pancreatitis.

    I agree with Debra - monitor his poop session outside. Does he have a regular time he goes so that you would know exactly when to be outside with him? Whether it is a cat, parrots or a dog (I own all of these 🙂 ) their poop tells a vet so much about what is going on.

    PLEASE keep us all posted. We are caring very much about your situation with JaBok.

  • Gee wiz Thanks for the wonderful responses. JaBok did get out of bed last night and go into the kitchen and ate the small portion of Nutro High Protien that was in his bowel. He seems to be feeling much better this morning. Showing no signs of abdominal discomfort he is quick alert and eager to go out. Of course I am monitoring his condition extremely close. We are ready to go to the vet at any moment. I had intended to go this morning but am hesitant as his condition is so vastly improved. I am not in complete trust with his vet as at first he completely missed the diagnosis of Pancreatitus and wanted to do a very expensive exploratory surgery at the time. The pancreatitus was diagnosed by me after a good deal of online research. I Returned to the vet with my suspicion and they tested for Pancreatitus and confirmed my suspicion. I am reasonably certain that this current condition is due to some kind of contamination in the new kibbles from the food bank. Upon close inspection of the package I have determined that the kibbles were six months out of date obviously the reason they were in the food bank give away. I personally due not utilize the food bank but a friend gave me the bag for Bok as she did not have a dog. I am reasonably certain that JaBok's condition is not a return of the Pancreatitus as the symptoms are not even remotely similar. Please do understand that I am a seventy year old rancher and have been dealing with animals my whole life.

  • Oh, that is a relief! So glad to hear he is doing better. I concur it is likely the kibble. BTW, welcome to the forum. 🙂 I also have horses as well as a Basenji, but I can't call myself a rancher. (only 18 acres)

  • OK I guess that I did in a way misrepresent myself I am now pretty much retired and live on fourty acres on the North Fork of the John Day River. But I do breed some riding mules. ElfinSailor

  • Sounds like you have it under control!

  • Wednesday evening after we fed the horses JaBok eagerly devoured his dinner as usual. Thank you all for your concern. ElfinSailor

  • I get a much better picture of your situation now, so thanks for adding the info regarding being a rancher and being around animals all your life. Every animal teaches us so much, and I'm sure you have dealt with a number of animal illnesses that has given you that sense of when things are a SUPER emergency.

    I have to say I am envious. I was born in a big city and still live in the suburbs of the same big city. I have loved animals all my life and would have LOVED to be a farm gal.

    I am really happy that JaBok has turned the corner and is pretty well back to being himself. I love hearing that type of news.

    Also, it makes me feel happy that at 70 you have a basenji, because if all goes well with Kipawa living a ripe old age, I will be a 68 year old with a basenji!

    Did I read right - you can't/don't know how to upload pictures so we can see them? I would LOVE to see JaBok and a few scenes of your ranch. Next life, I am coming back as a farm gal.

  • If really interested in photos friend me on Facebook, Michael McClure the one that resembles Santa Claus,and I will grant access. ElfinSailor

  • I would let your friend know the food was expired and find out when she obtained it. The food bank might not have known they were receiving expired dog food. I would let the food bank know if this was the case. Also if the food was not kept properly-either too hot or too cold, it could have become rancid. I sometimes buy dry dog food at a pet supply place in a flea market and the food is usually within 6 months of expiring. It is at a good price. One time the owner told me a whole batch of food that she picked up was bad because the person had stored it improperly.


  • Jennifer I sometimes eat food that is past its expiration date and have never had a problem even though I have sever digestive sensitivities from past Viet Nam injuries. In this case I did not even look before I feed it to him. So I personally accept the blame and have attempted to explain that to him, He is very much attached to me so I assume he will eventually forgive me. As far as my friend Barb is concerned she was just trying to be nice in giving it to someone who could use it. As to the food bank it is business as usual. Different businesses regularly "donate" their outdated merchandise that they are unable to sell because it is outdated. For doing so they are able to get a healthy tax write off for their generosity. A situation that has for some time given me complexities so much so that I do not accept their hand outs.

  • If it is dry dog food with not many preservatives, it will spoil much quickly and is sensitive to temperature variations. This includes most of the premium brands.


  • Santa… I can't find you on facebook! Are you actually in a Santa suit?

  • Not Santa I am Michael McClure on Facebook there are a few. I am the one that looks like Santa Claus in a cowboy hat and not the writer

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