• We've had our 1 year old Basenji now for a little more than 2 months and just today I noticed around his collar, his eyes, his legs and his chest area, the color of his hair seems to be dull and lighter then the rest of his body. Yes I know this could be his natural coloring but now I can't remember if this was like this all along or now happening. I will look and keep watch over him to see if it changes but in the mean time I wanted to see if anyone knew of a medical condition with these symptoms?

  • O.k so once again I have turned to my new best friends..U GUYS!!! and well I searched the forum and it seems that this is normal for a B when they are changing coats. Well Champ has been shedding the crazy abd the hair is not really thinning but really kind of rough. I will still keep watch and hope this is indeed normal.

  • Just wondering how long is this hair change going to take. My B's coat is pretty dull looking right now so I wanted to know if maybe it might be the food or some other factor causing the change.

  • This happened to my boy C3 in the winter. It was pretty dull for a few months…it seems their hair takes a while to grown in. We did lots of brushing & added a tiny bit of olive oil to his food. He's got a colorful shagg going now 🙂

  • I will try that. I haven't brushed him though so that'll probably make some difference as well.

  • you are right though, diet can make the coat shiny or dull….just have to try things and find that perfect combination....

  • Well it seems that it also had to due with allergies. He's allergic to pollen, grass, etc but is now on meds and the hair seems to coming in nicely although he sheds a whole lot. I didn't think B's had shedding issues but I have a coat of hair on all my clothes..any remedies for this?

  • Is he allergic to fish/fish body oil? I give Magnum a coupla squirts of salmon oil everyday, and it seems to keep his coat in fine condition. I give it to him for the O3 benefits; the coat condition is a happy bonus.

    About the shedding, Magnum does shed a bit during this time of year for a month or so. Seems to be less this year. Maybe due to the salmon oil? 😕

  • hmm we get his blood work back next week so will know definetly what he's allergic too, if fish is not on the list I will buy? what is that salmon oil like a gel tablet that you break up like vitamin E? and where would I find it. I am also going to start putting alittle olive oil in his food.

  • I use Grizzly Salmon Oil. Here's their website:


    It's sold at a lot of different places, though. It comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser. You just add a couple of squirts to the dog's food.

  • Thanks will order as soon as I know he's not allergic.

  • It may help his coat issues. And extra O3s, IMO, can't hurt.

  • Well his coat is finally coming in nicely and his shedding has lessened although still sheds. He loves his new food IVD especially since daddy heats it up for him. I guess it was the allergies and the season.

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