Sorry I don't find the word;my english language is very bad I didn't speak since 20 years and I d just spoke 6 months.
I could use a translator but I don't want. I want to perform

My puppy has already her real hair when I got her it was like cotton and dry and for three days it has changed, is it possible for a 2 months old puppy?

I always wonder how old was she because, when my husband saw them first they were running in the street with their mother, and the owners said they are three weeks old, my husband told me I said no they just open their eyes at 3 weeks. It was about 10 of january and maybe born in december the 20 th. it makes three weeks. 😕

Maybe her recent change in diet is changing her coat?

Eyes usually open 10 to 14 days


Maybe her recent change in diet is changing her coat?

maybe, I will ask the vet , he shall come for vaccination next week.
Thank you Snorky.


Eyes usually open 10 to 14 days

thank you so they could run after their mother when they are tree weeks?

Maybe should I stand up and just accept 2 months on the 17th of f?bruary, actually 8 weeks.
It 's a bit for her education, I don't want to hurry her.
and be happy, she is very soft now.

I think good food shows up in good coats, but if I am wrong, I will be corrected. grin.

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