• My girl seems to have developed an "allergy" to her collar – wherever it rubs I'm noticing patches where the fur is not growing. Not balding just getting thinner and thinner and skin starting to show.
    I'm sure it's related to the collar (Silverfoot) because that's the only area where this is happening and I did have her at the vet the first time I noticed it.

    Has anyone else had problems of this sort? Solutions?

  • Does your dog have to wear her collar all the time? When mine are at home on the acreage I take them off….don't want them catching themselves on a tree or something....that and it keeps their coat around their neck nice for showing. If possible I would just take it off..

  • If it is just the neck and she is wearing the collar 24/7, then I would say it is just the collar wearing down the hair in that area. It will happen with any collar that they wear all the time.

  • As my 3 dogs are microchipped, I only use collars when we are outside our house/yard.

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    As my 3 dogs are microchipped, I only use collars when we are outside our house/yard.

    Us too, but when they pulled a lot on their leashes (when young), the fur would thin in the collar area.

  • Is it a nylon collar? Try a hemp collar or there are collars lined with a soft material. These people make them lined.


  • She only wears the collar when we go out for walks or rides - not at home.
    I bought her a new collar lined with thin fleece and so far she doesnt' seem to have any further problems.
    Maybe she is just sensitive to the nylon or to the dye in other collars.

  • Could she be scratching?…I have one that when she scratches her neck, even a little, she gets a reaction like you are explaining. It is a bad flea year here for us...so she also is super reactive if she gets a flea bite, then she will start scratching, and get a hot spot, like immediately...

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