Patchy Hair Loss - any thoughts or suggestions?

Hey all,

Our 1.5 year old female red-and-white basenji has some patchy hair loss developing on her right side. At first I just thought it was an abrasion, and wasn't too worried about it, but I've noticed that the patch has gotten larger and a few smaller patches have appeared. Otherwise, she is a very healthy girl. I know there are many causes of hair loss in dogs, and I'll probably make her an app't at the vet soon, but I just wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone has had anything similar happen to their dog… any thoughts/suggestions?

I've attached a photo - not sure how well you can see the patches in it though.


First thing to do is see a Vet and make sure it is nothing medical, like mites… which they can determine with a skin scrapping at the office.... and work from there....

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