• our 5 y.o. female b simone, had a bout of HGE two weeks ago. if you don't know about it, its sudden onset of severe diarrhea and vomiting with lots of bloody mucus, like the insides of the stomach are being shed. very horrible and scary. worse yet, there is no known cause for this condition. the symptoms are always the same, and all the standard parasites/viruses are ruled out.
    she would throw up any water she drank, we immediately concerned about dehydration. we have an awesome vet that admitted our girl for two days over thanksgiving. she gave her something to suppress the vomiting (can't remember what it was exactly) and began rehydrating her with IV.
    well she recovered after a couple days, and when she came home she was pretty swollen up, which is common after a lot of IV fluids. she absorbed all the fluid, but her hair began to fall out on one side and her ears too. these were the places most swollen on her body.
    and where the hair fell out big black spots appear on her skin and the rest of the skin looks really raw, almost like it has been burned. fortunately she is recovering fairly well. her personality is back, she has a very healthy appetite, moves around a lot, healthy stools, but her poor skin is healing very slowly and is very painful. we wash all her wounds 2-3 times and day, slather her with neosporin, and then pin a tshirt on her. she is also taking clavamox and just finished prednisone.
    we've had 3 vets look at her and they can't figure it out. they have seen dogs swell after iv's and even have a little hair loss, but never the rawness or the black spots. the black spots almost looked like dead skin, but are beginning to fade now.
    so just thought i would throw this out there and see if anyone has any thoughts!

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