Hair like wire

The chicken was either the brand sold at Costco or the dried chicken sold in bulk from a local higher end pet food store. I do have a dehydrator too and would love tips on drying meats. I have only done fruits, veggies and herbs.

(Lol-Artie is trying to catch a fly in low light as I reply. He is acting more B like every day.)


@Sunh0ney Drying meat is easy.... but you want to use meat with low amount of fat. I use Chicken Tenders and pound them to the thin side, then cook for 10 hours... have also done beef, using beef strips like for making Faitas.

I knew that you want a low fat protein to keep it from spoiling, I thought that ate spices and salt added to human grade jerky helped to retard the spoilage.
Do I have to "par-cook" the meat or just use thin, raw pieces? What what is the lowest temperature setting that is still safe?

London broil is in sale this week, or would a eye of round be better since it is leaner?

Thanks so much for sharing your tips.

@Sunh0ney - Thin raw pieces, no need to par-cook. Have to check on the temp for you, I use an Excalibur and think I use the highest setting that is 165 degrees. I think that either cut of beef works..... I don't worry about spoilage... never lasts long enough for that. 🙂

I am gong to give it a try this weekend! I will let you know how Arthur likes it.

Thanks again

@Sunh0ney Let us know how the testing goes too....

Thank you Pat! The jerky was a big hit with the kids! The picky princess is even eating the london broil jerky. Arthur is being a piggy boy and trying to get her share.

I have been spending $12 per pound every two weeks for dried chicken jerky since Dixie stopped eating after we lost Hurricane.


@Sunh0ney Good to hear..... any results from testing?

Yes- all blood and urine test are normal. The Vet gave a Rx for Xanax for the reactive leash behavior and we are going to give it a careful try. I am only giving it when I am home. I am still playing with his protiens. Boiled egg with some of the jerky or beef that is boiled or lean cuts grilled. Fish next month...

I do feel an improvement in the softness of his coat now that Authur has been off dry kibble for 2 weeks now.

Now if I could understand why he started to urinate in his crate when I place a cotton throw rug with him...


@Sunh0ney did they do a full/complete thyroid panel?

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