Tagg GPS Tracking Collar

How cool is this? It's a small tracking device that can attach to your dog/cat's collar. I think this is a perfect thing to have for Basenjis in particular because they tend to be 'escape artists' and bolt out doors. I will defiantly be investing in one of these!


Yep they are a great idea alright, but after the initial $100 cost, it's $8 a month! yikes!!. Just wish there was a less expensive option.

First Basenji's

Some Shiba folks I know have tried it.

An interesting review and comments here:

I never have a collar on my dogs, too much possibility of them catching on something. The only time they have a collar on is when they are on a leash.

Seem a good idea but i know what would happen if one of my Basnejis got hold of it. It would be a very expensive device!!

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